World Cup Trading Championship of Forex

Creating a place to document my live journey and the challenge of competing in the world cup trading championship. I have linked my account to myfxbook here but it also tracked in the world cup trading championship. Just started the World cup trading championship account a month or so ago. Just a long term goal to complete and win in this championship.

Enjoy the journey. Myfxbook account is under bigbendfutures. Championship is at worldcuptradingchampionships .com

Its a really neat competition which has been around for almost 40 years. Just has been a goal of mine for a while to compete in it.

check out the world cup trading championship of forex for the current rankings.

You started trading a month ago and are now trading competitively ?

No. I just started the competition a month or so ago. Just been a goal of mine to compete in this championship. :joy:

How is it possible for a newbie who started trading journey only one month back and he is now in world cup trading compition?

Not sure if you have a hard time reading. But I started trading in 2013.

Ah I see. Sorry about that. I am new to Babypips but not to trading. So yeh, I’m a newbie to this forum. Actually shocked babypips is still around.

Looks like anybody can enter. You just need at least $5K to enter.

@bigbendfx Do the forex traders also compete against the futures traders?

Good luck!

So in the forex world cup its just forex traders. But if you compete in the global cup championship its both forex and futures traders. But I think it goes June to June instead of January to December in the futures and forex championship.

Yeah, haven’t had the start I was looking for but it will be ok. Its tricky taking on way more risk on each trade to gain the higher percentage results. Little bit more emotional than I expected. One of the forex traders was up 917% his first 2 months this year. haha

So what’s your mindset? Same as normal trading for you, or since you’re in a competition, you do stuff differently. Maybe more risky trades, or do you treat it the same?

I feel like the pressure will build to perform, especially if you can see how the other guys and gals are doing.

Honestly the emotions related to just what you referenced to is difficult. In fact, the first month in the competition I was up roughly 40% but at the same time one of the competitors from Italy was up 917%. Ha. So yeah its challenging to follow your system and be consistent when others are performing.

I am taking on more risk which for whatever reason is making me not manage positions like I normally would. Like I just caught 70 pips on EURUSD but the trade was still valid. I only got out due to being up. Literally mistakes I used to make years ago now being rehashed. But I’ll adjust.

Nothing new here just didn’t expect it to mess with my emotions. Every year though someone performs really well for the first couple months and like every time 1-2 of those people just completely drop off. I plan on completing for the next couple years at least. As its a long term goal of mine to win a few times.

Its a good place to complete as they are regulated by the NFA as a IB. And have been around since 1983.

Happy Trading!

That’s crazy returns. I’m guessing they don’t show active trade history. That wouldn’t make sense. What other kind of stats can you see on your competition other than gains/losses?

This looks like a cool competition where you can put your money where your mouth is.

Absolutely, yeah they only show the overall results. Fascinating how you see ZERO educators or Youtubers competing on there. hahahaha. I linked mine to MYFXBOOK. here: under bigbendfutures profile name. I can’t send a direct link to this forum.

Although, its nothing special (just yet). Just trying to keep low drawdown levels until I catch some bigger moves with my system.

Too much risk for them if they absolutely stink. Somebody did something similar on here, I think ICT tried just showing off his MyFXbook for a challenge he proposed, and it didn’t go over too well. Lots of the community got on his back about it, but then again, he was very polarizing.

I think I remember him. In my opinion if you’re an educator the LEAST you should be able to do it provide even half way decent results and post them publicly. The few people I have known in this industry that did have good results and were selling something happily posted their results. The reality is most people simply don’t have the personality for trading. Yet instead of admitting it they sell some crappy course.

As they say: if you can’t do it teach it. If you can’t teach it write a book about it.

I think forex is a tough subject to teach really. There’s just so many things involved to get it right, and so many ways to get it wrong.

Somebody teaching needs to get a lot of the “right” stuff right, but even if they could, a lot of it is subjective and really comes from experience in the markets I think.

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Agreed. I attached some of the results so far on the world cup account nothing impressive yet. Trying to build a small cushion before taking real risk.


I think that’s the right approach! Get a lot of trades under your belt. Do you do a lot of tweaking along the way, or you’re pretty much set in your system?

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For the most part. I’m a wave/momentum trader. But focus on both technicals and fundamentals.