World Markets AI

From what I’ve seen World Markets AI seems like a pretty legit company. Only down side seems to be the high initial investment and the 20% profit that they keep. But it does seem that it offers high returns. Has anyone else heard anything about this company?

There is no Forex company that offers you 100% return that is legit. It is your greed that will kill you. If they are so good at trading, what do they need your money for? STAY AWAY

I was seriously thinking of investing in World Market’s AI managed account but a bit of due diligence uncovered some worrying anomolies on their website. They claim to be members of around six regulatory bodies but looking at the membership lists of these organisations I couldn’t find them on 3. I emailed these bodies and one got back to me to confirm that World Markets are not a member of their organisation.
Also on the website WM claims that its 21% average monthly returns are verifeid by various organisations including BarclayHedge. I contacted BarlayHedge to check this out and guess what? They have no dealings with WM.
From this I would say it’s a very dodgy proposition, probably even a scam.
I hope this helps.
Would be interesting to hear from anyone who has actually invested in them…?