Worried about inflation's impact on your retirement savings? Invest in cryptocurrency

I’m definitely into crypto but I’m not comfortable enough to consider it for retirement savings. Would you invest in crypto for your retirement savings?

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Not a chance as there is no intrinsic value.

I would invest in crypto, but not with lifesavings. I wouldn’t leave lifesavings liquid either. An investment, yes, but something less volatile. Crypto is too unpredictable. I suggest something conservative.

It may be best to read some articles and books about conservative investments/instruments.

Maybe even ETFs.

I would be only investing a small amount of my portfolio in crypto. Its massively volatile. Anything above 10% of a portfolio is asking for trouble imo

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Lets just call cryptocurrency what it really is. It’s some computer programmers using technology to print their own money. If a group of highly skilled people started printing their own form of cash it would be counterfeiting or something like that. World governments wouldn’t like it. And I fail to see what makes a Bitcoin worth much as I can’t go buy a gallon of milk with it, or use it to fill up my cars gas tank.

I read an article this morning that said that crypto thefts especially on the DefI networks has reached a $1 billion. And mostly on Ethereum.

We were told that cybercurrency would be a hedge against inflation. Well that didn’t work out so well. Hell, if I have a wallet full of Cardano or really any of them I can buy anything.

When I see ads on TV from huge investment companies talking about how to get crypto into your retirement account I cringe.

I like what steve369 said. Crypto has no intrinsic value. Even if you buy an in the money option on stock it has some value, by the amount it’s in the money. Crypto has nothing. No asset to even compare it against except … you guessed it, FIAT currencies like USD or Euros, or whatever.

Cryptos are a good investment because they have the potential to generate high returns. While there is no guarantee that you will make money investing in cryptos, they have the potential to offer much higher returns than traditional investments.

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Initially crypto was the smallest part of my portfolio but it’s also the one that’s had the biggest gains which is why it’s now a bigger percentage compared to everything else in my portfolio.

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While I’m into crypto, I feel like it’s just too volatile to be considered for retirement savings. Yes it’s true that it has huge potential to grow but on the other side it also has a huge potential to tank lol.

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