Would You Buy A Tesla Car Today?

I am curious and just wondering if any of my fellow traders would buy a Tesla motor car today.

No. Expensive. Doubtful benefit to the environment. Charging arrangements difficult and potentially expensive. Unknown second-hand value.


All of the above are true. But add to that the recent spate of bizarre accidents the car has been involved in. Long story short I entirely agree with you.

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The Tesla is way overly complicated.

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Do buyers care about that if it works?

Read this yesterday

Batteries which cannot be replaced at any affordable cost - why on earth would anyone buy one second-hand ?

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Prob not. Although my friends who have it are still fine using it. They did tell me though that sometimes the screen just randomly dies. :skull:

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Think about 10 or 20 years later, how they handle the old battery after the car isn’t used anymore. With small battery that we’re using everyday, it takes very long time to decompose, how about big battery for a car like Tesla. I’m not sure they have any solution for that, it’s really worse for our living environment.

But I see more Tesla car on the street recently.

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I heard that it’s incredibly difficult to get on a flatbed tow truck. Something about when the power is off the wheels lock. So, to get it on a flatbed, it doesn’t roll–but must be dragged up.

Not sure if it’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m not even in that market anyway. I’ll just take a gas-powered vehicle.

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