WoW ! Oh My God ! Guys take a look at this indicator!


I saw this indicator at other forum. I am truly amazed by this xpMA indicator.
Hence i like to share with you guys here…
<Plz i am not the creator of this indicator:p >
The owner call codersguru

Enjoy piping :smiley: (10.2 KB) (1.83 KB)

Thanks but what does it do? Please explain. S

ya, please explain, i am not going to download some zip file if i don’t even know what it is…

Hi…sorry for the late reply…

I am not sure whether i can post the other forum URL…Moderator,

if i cannot post that url, kindly plz delete for me…thanks alot…

XP Moving Average! - Forex Trading

Please read more on that thread link…36 pages for u to read.:eek: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Downloaded, thanks!

I will try to get to know what is does exactly!

Looking at the code with MetaEditor you will find that the property link of the xpMA indicator is On one of the webpages of his site the author explains what it does and what the settings numbers mean.

The codersguru indicator is one of the best indicator i ever seen so far.

[U]some of the main features are[/U]

Current version is version 4! But the name of the indicator still called xpMA.mq4!
Version 1 was repainting the past now it’s not!
Added: Debug mode option which when you turn it on it will take screen shots of every tick to be proof that the indicator doesn’t print the past.
Added: Moving Average type 7 JMA.
Added: Arrows upon color changes.
Added Sound Alert upon color changes.
Changed: The method of changing the color upon the direction change.
Added: Signal buffer added to make it easy to make an EA based on the xpMA (-1 means sell signal, 1 means buy signal and 0 means nothing).
Note: the T3MA.mq4 and JMA.mq4 (included) are required files for the Moving Average type 6 and 7.

Are there any screenshots available that you can post??

Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Hmmm what type of screenshots u referring to ??:confused: :smiley:

screenshots of your chart that show the indicator and how it is effected by price…

Sorry i cannot open the files - acrobat reader will not do it after extraction.

You will have to explain how to open those files.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

It sure LOOKS interesting…

Here how looks it on EUR/USD daily chart. with trailing stop loss i think it should be good

Looks interesting… I will try with it… Thnx !!

you must be joking :slight_smile:
this is just a moving average??? what’s the big “wow” about it :slight_smile:
anyhow, good luck … if you are going to trade with it …

If you dont know, then please shut up.

and wow means= big big money :smiley:

Hi All

This sure looks cool. Anyone still testing ?? If so what’s the best Timeframe / pair etc.

As of August 17 they are now on version 21 of this indicator.
XP Moving Average! - Page 37 - Forex Trading

I read the thread two days ago and I’ve also read threads on 10 other indicators, so my mind is jelly right now. I do not recall what the exit strategy is on this one, or what timeframe or pairs.


How long has the EA been tested for?

Not tested either indicator or EA out yet.

Not got around to reading that thread yet.

I will post results here or send them to maker of the EA once I know.

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Hope you lot on here will do the same!:wink:

Looks like we have to experiment a little to find out?