Wrong post count

Why does it say that I have only posted 13 times (not including this post) next to my name, when I have actually posted 21 times (again, not including this post). If I look at my post history it clearly shows that I posted 21 times. My count is off.

Have you been commenting in the “Introduce Yourself” section? Whether that be starting a thread or commenting on someone else’s post as I don’t think that these are included in your post count.

Yes i have. Only started one thread in there for myself, but yeah, I have been commenting in there. That makes sense. Thanks

baz1982 is exactly correct. The Introduce Yourself forum is meant just for that - introductions. Certain “promotions” and feature activations occur when a new post count threshold is met. We try our best to have the post count reflect a user’s engagement across the sections that we feel are more valuable to the mission of learning and becoming a better trader, and we promote based on that. Also, posting questions to the Introductions section makes finding that information a lot harder for a future reader since there’s no filtering or categorization in place. Posting questions and answers to a specific forum makes it that much easier of current and future members to read and reply to.

I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions, KarmaSenge.