Wuts going on?

Is the s&p comming down or not?

And is gbp gained strength. Like I don’t hear word about gbpcad. I only hear about gbpusd.

That’s something I’d like to know as well! But with easy money from central banks and very few alternatives for yield, S&P is likely to remain strong for a while I think. Would definitely love to see a pullback soon though.

I agree that there should be more talk about the cross-currency pairs, but I think since liquidity isn’t as deep with them, traders won’t trade’em as much. Which in turn means no talking about them…it’s a vicious circle right? maybe you can start a thread covering it? And why are you so interested in the pair?

Well. Since I mostly follow Canadian and British news, I thought I could try trading news releases. I’ve been trading mostly using technical analysis. But I see that had I paid attention to the pipenomics I could have saved on some larger losses. So I’d like to step back and learn more about news and news releases effecting the markets… I reread that part on the school of pipsology. It was refreshing.

Thanks for the reply.

The S&P keeps trying to break into new highs on the daily chart but continues to fail. Buyers just can’t sustain higher moves, and this market looks like a horrible sideways mess at the moment.