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Lmao, i know right :joy: :joy: :joy: … a bunch of 20-something year old kids still in school over here coming in to “revolutionize the industry” that I guess 30 year+ veteran traders managing 300 million have never been able to do, but these guys… oh man… they’ll do it… :joy: :joy: :joy:

Been a student for months and had to make an account. Majority is actually true regarding being scammers. If you search WWAEXPOSED on Telegram there is a channel with extensive information. They were also recently exposed by ICT and pandabulltrader on Instagram but have been sending DMCA requests. One was even served to this very forum. The censorship can be seen below :). The accounts defending them are theirs and recently made and can probably be identified as the same IP and hosts by an admin here :wink:

All DMCA requests can be seen on lumendatabase. They have even censored a company’s profile with the same name founded in 2013.

The mentorship really wasn’t worth the money and support was next to non existent. There’s not much else to add. It’s just another bad course made by scammers. I was really excited but sort of used to it now. Last course I buy!!

Members have also been threathened by Waly who is likely the account above as he was bullying a girl online. Instagram account scandal_waly_khan_wwa shows this.

Shocking overall.

A review I left about wwa on trustpilot,thought I’d share it here too

I was part of previous wwa bootcamp and after several months of being a member,I think it’s time for me to give a honest review and point out things to be aware of for those who think about joining them:

-The 4-day bootcamp itself is quite intense because people are not allowed to record them at all and it’s very hard to take notes for most people considering how fast it goes and how much info there is. The only exception is if you have previous experience with SMC then you’ll more likely to be able to grasp the few “refinements” provided by wwa.

-WWA keeps stressing during the bootcamp that they don’t except people to fully grasp their concept within 4 days and students shouldn’t be worried about this as wwa won’t leave no one behind and the real learning comes from Discord. HOWEVER once you join the group they start telling people that everything after the bootcamp isn’t included in the price and they’re extra favor wwa are doing for their students(so don’t expect consistent support and they said they could close the Discord any time they want),quite ironic right? TBH it would be much better and reasonable if they made it clear before people pay that the price only included the 4-day bootcamp

-The aftercare is very poor and inconsistent,most zoom calls are hosted by students themselves,but hey they’re extra freebies remember? Discord group is poorly moderated where you often see people attacking/mocking others while showing their ego. They once mentioned about monthly subscription for regular zoom calls being hosted by educators which I think will eventually happen because of the leak of their material online,this way they’ll have regular income from the subcription instead of the bootcamp itself because less people will likely to join now. The 1-on-1 free mentorship they’re now doing for the students you see they posted on their instagram is them trying to save their reputation and attract people to join their bootcamp after the leak,don’t expect the 1-on-1 to last at all

-They promised myfxbook track record during/before the bootcamp and they never delivered. It’s true that myfxbook isn’t necessary for students’ success,but not deliverying something promised(one of the reasons many decided to join the bootcamp including myself) is another story

-Like previous reviewers said,most reviews left here were pushed by wwa during or right after bootcamp when students are still amazed by the concept and the potential results. Most reviews would likely be very different if they were done a few months afterwards

-The high R:R they post on their instagram from trades taken by them or students is very misleading in a sense,majority of the volume are taken off way before setups reach 1:50/1:100 etc for most high return trades you see. Imaging if you take off 90% of the volume at 1:10 and let the rest 10% volume run until it reaches 1:50,would you still consider this a 1:50 setup?

-The strategy itself works IF you put in enough work(like most of profitable strategies out there),there’s no big differences between what wwa teaches and other SMC programs such as persia of pips,rcv,mentfx etc

-Honest review against wwa isn’t allowed,people get kicked out of Discord due to this which is a shame

I won’t call Waqar/Waly/Alex liars or question their intents of wanting to see their students succeed,but they could’ve done much better when it comes to serving their students.There wouldn’t be nearly as much negative reviews if they chose to do many things another way such as not promising something they won’t do(see above),or leave students behind and let them argue/fight in Discord without providing any value to new students for many weeks after the leak.

The conclusion is the course isn’t worth the price they’re charging when compared to similar course such as rcv who only charge half while the mentors do zoom calls with their students every single week providing value to the community.

Hope wwa can understand that the only way to reach their goal is by them focusing more on providing values to their existing students on the long run and in a consistent basis instead of trying to protect their reputation by removing negative yet honest reviews online,listen to and open to their students’ opinion and make improvements accordingly instead of kicking people out of Discord for giving constructive criticism

Let me know if you still interested

Imagine yourself being able to read chart as they clsim they do and having 1:50 rr ratio… Would you spend your days making videos, dealing with students and all ■■■■ that doing this business require? Nope, u would be in carribic on yacht enjoing life while young and rich… And last point… Everyone who doesnt have verified history by third party is storyteller who can trade from history charts as they show on videos.

People criticise what they can’t do. Having multiple streams of income by few videos, I mean who don’t want that?

Hi mate,

Why are all of the verified reviews on Trustpilot so atrocious? I’m asking for a friend lol. I’ve also noticed that all of those who have been “invited” to leave reviews in that site have left bad ones. Please let me know why you think that is. Thanks in advance.

Be careful about the decisions you make. It is about your hard-earned money.

Can you share the Discord link please? I am thinking about buying the course but im not 100% sure if i should

They aren’t a scam. I know multiple people that have been successful with their strategy.

That being said the underlying priciples are solid.
Saying this up front isn’t sexy enough to sell courses though is it. Even if it is sensible trading practice.

I have no idea about it, neither am I considering it.

I have no idea what you are saying. If you think that this can be the right choice for you, make sure that you collect as much information as you can. By doing this, you will get to know what to expect. Make sure that you check the reviews.

Here is a very simple solution to people who are having issues withdrawing their funds from a forex broker or those who have actually been scammed … simply get in touch with -[removed due to policy violation]
They’d help you file a chargeback and recoup your funds in working days get in touch now !!!

ICT himself has a track record?

It’s been one year since the last post on this forum and 2 years since I’ve last posted here. I just want to laugh and say that the people who have been calling WWA a scam and have been making up lies about them and attempting to duplicate their course, where are they all now?

The people that were saying that WWA will soon be gone, yet it’s been over 2 years and they are still going strong. They have upgraded and updated their course and user experience. They have expanded their team and even now have an interview process in order to be selected to join. It’s amazing. And a huge amount of the community are fully funded traders now, due to the requirements to even be able to join the course.

The ‘Vault’ which they have developed contains so much information for free, including ‘Sunday Setups’ where Waly gives POIs and what to expect on different currencies for the upcoming week and what to monitor. We have the ‘Dancing with Price Action’ where Waqar explains candle by candle what trades he and the community at large have taken in a week, and all other opportunities that presented themselves as well. The very first video showed, a gain of over 60% with 1% risk per trade, including explanations of thought processes, confluences and concepts. The ‘Catch of the Day’ videos where Alex goes through a few of the best trades on a given day.

The company has moved to Dubai, and has made it BIG. They have done so many other business ventures in trading, crypto and in properties. Today, as I am writing, Waly will be hosting the biggest comiccon event in the middle east.

But where are all the haters that said it was scam and that the company will close down quick? Where are they now? Wonder if they have achieved anything in these 2 years as WWA has, lol.

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Honestly there isn’t even a need to buy the course anymore (1 year later). I just saw his free videos and i’ve already learned a lot. I haven’t bought a course, nor do I plan to. Because there really isn’t a need in this current day and age. A lot is given for free, albeit the free content is less specific than payed but if you really want to learn and can do your own research on top of watching his free videos you will learn a lot.