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So, I have come across this new company using the name WWATrading. I believe they are from IML the multi-level marketing Forex company. Are they real traders? I see one of them is in university doing dentistry, one plays football and the other is in IML. You can find them on Instagram @wwatrading @Waqarasim @_walykhan @alexgarp. Has anyone taken their course does it work? I have heard from someone that has taken WWA Trading July Bootcamp who is a profitable trader that they teach theories available online and that it is overly complicated to sound smart. I am thinking of taking the course and would like more people’s opinions. I have taken courses before from people claiming to be real traders and do not want to be scammed again. Next WWA Trading bootcamp is in September so would appreciate quick feedback! :blush::blush::blush:

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Where did you hear about this? I’m asking because I’ve never heard of them. Never heard of any students or profits etc. IML has a very bad reputation as a scam.

So I have looked into these “Traders” and here are my findings, they are MARKETERS and were part of IML, they are NOT traders, they have no track record. As you mentioned Waqar is a university student, Alex a full-time footballer, and Waly is a charity worker/IML marketer. WHEN do they trade? If they were successful traders why was there no wealth at all before their courses came out. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. The “wealth” they show is from the poor silly students who took their so-called course.

They do not show student results nor have progress and I heard from 2-3 reliable sources that have taken their course that it is copied and pasted content that can be found online FOR FREE.

If you also Watch Waqar on WWA Trading website he contradicts himself and is clearly talking nonsense because he talks about how their factual approach is the only style that works as it is a “fact” in reality all of us real traders understand that trading is all about probability, statistics and your prognosis. He continues to say he only uses facts to trade but stressed the use of theories such as Wyckoff, which is the majority of the video freely available on the internet. Also repeating “I believe” throughout the video whilst claiming he is only into facts. Is it a belief, opinion or theory? These are very far from a FACT. Very confusing RIGHT.

Now let’s calculate 100 poor souls (students) have bought their courses do some simple math of 100 students X £1500, 3 times as it has been 3 months.

Now you can all understand where their funding comes from. Their Trustpilot reviews are FAKE and you can clearly tell its two people as a majority of the reviews contain the same vocabulary.

Finally, they do not have a registered business neither is WWA located on companies house, are they even using their real names? Is Waly his real name, sounds short for something? Waqar Asim and Alex Garp are these real names?

What they are selling, do they even use it themselves? It is clearly evident they made their riches from the sale of their course and not the use of its content.

I have attached some pictures I found on Instagram showing IML history and “The Winning Circle.” All of which are self explanatory.

Do not be their next victim.


Its easy to say whatever you like online.
You can say anything about anyone without even knowing the real truth.

Even though I know Waly from IML
And we all know IML is a scam.
But Waly himself as a person wasn’t down for ripping people off and direct them to join pyramid schemes.
I saw most of the people around him back in 2019 were so down to market people into IML pyramid scheme and buy products. But Waly wasn’t interested at all.
Every Sunday he used to go through charts for free.

Every time when I needed help he was there helping over zoom and explaining everything about how charts work. Waly has great knowledge and he backtests his theories very well and refines then further to make sure minimal risk is taken.
Since then I always wanted to learn more from him but never got any opportunity since I left IML.

I left IML as soon I realised it’s not good and not worth the money. IML is all a scam to trap people.
After leaving IML I decided I take a break from trading.

Then coming may 2020 I found Waly is involved in WWA trade
Got very interested so I followed how they are doing.
As most of the industry is full of scam my mentality changed to take everyone as a scammer too.
I followed them for months and at first exactly like Alejandro.94 I thought lots of wrong things about them without even being involved.
Always with a negative mind taking everything as scam.
Deep down I know Waly is not that type of person.
And if he left IML and started this, there must be a very good reason for this move
I Saw all movement in telegram and Instagram and everyday got more impressed.
Then I book for July Bootcamp
but it was sold out
Got into August Bootcamp
Honestly, I would say its a big blessing to be part of WWA.
The 4 days Bootcamp made so many improvements that I couldn’t to my trading game for the past 3 years.

Anyway i think i said alot about Waly
Lets go to Waqar and Alex
Waqar is another amazing person with great knowledge on trade, i can say alot about him and his trading but it will never be enough, he truly is amazing at what he does.

And yes Waqar Asim is a real name it’s an Asian name.

Alex is an amazing kind person with huge knowledge about structure and many more. Most of my communication happened through him, he was always prompt and genuine.
Alex Garcia is his actual name it’s Spanish.

The whole team every single individual has great knowledge and they all are there to help people.

I participated in August Bootcamp I can honestly tell you this Bootcamp is the best investment you could do on yourself every single penny is worth it. If you really wanna learn how to trade WWA is the way forward.

I normally don’t bother to comment or leave reviews
But these guys are doing so much to help people that I felt I got to reply for them .this is the least i could do for them.
I couldn’t tolerate people without involving in the actual field saying a lot of wrong stuff about them.



You can say and defend all you want, im not saying you’re wrong. I just find it very suspicious that you made your account, and replied on the exact same day. Also not to mention their Trustpilot reviews, come in surges. There will be about 5 reviews on a given day, followed by 3 days of silence, followed by a day of multiple reviews, meaning either they have Trustpilot bots, or they review using fake accounts. Also to give me confluence do I have @Alejandro.94 's statement on the fact that they use the same vocabulary and grammar in each review, adding suspicion.

Next, lets go over their posts and do the math. I see that they post all these trades that they take, that manage to squeeze 1:100 R in their trades. Now, im gonna give WWA the upper hand and say that they make, per se 1:50R a MONTH, so 50% return every month, despite them portraying much higher returns.
Lets go ahead and do some math on this
If they have 20,000$, (because why not, they’ve probably made that much from their bootcamps correct?)
If you assume a 50% return each month, after 36 months (3 years if you cant do the math)
their closed PnL would be just shy of 44 BILLION DOLLARS, George Soros much?

These people would be all over the news, people would be RUSHING to buy their courses and services…

Does it not sound suspicious that 3 Boys, some of which still in university (not sure who), have managed to Join, work at & Quit IML, start their own firm called WWA trading, and proceed to advertise a skill that takes years to master? Putting aside the fact that FX is a skill that takes a while to master, and requires a bit more than regular amount of time to reach a level of education and experience where you’re ready to mentor others about this skill, sounds a bit suspicious doesn’t it? Also to add on to the fact that their style of trading is based off of Wyckoff and ICT concepts, which take ALOT more than usual time to master, but they’ve somehow reached a level of mentoring this skill, and concepts…at 19?..sus

Use your brain, do the math, spot obvious things, notice patterns, and you’ll notice who’s legit and who’s a scam. There’s a possibility they’re legit, but I genuinely, highly doubt it. If we can get some actual evidence and testimonial, perhaps a verified MyFxbook or something, then that would make them believable. I can go on and on about simple things which makes them look suspicious, but with this many things already suggesting they’re simply marketers, and with nothing to back up their legitimacy, the only people you’re fooling in this multi-trillion dollar Market are the sheeps.

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(Only allowed to post one image as a newbie)

17 Underwood Close, CT4 7BS - Waqar Asim

[removed by admins]

Dentist boy comes from a slightly above middle class family.

25 Corporation Road, NP19 0AY - Waly Ahmed Khan & Alejandro Garcia Piles

[removed by admins]

Rest of the road looks like a dump…something don’t seem right here…

Read through your review and made this account to answer it lol.

The Trustpilot reviews are genuine. Majority of the bootcamp review at the same time (a few hours/days after the last official lesson). Thats why there’s so many coming in at once, and each review is by a different person (I know because I just did the bootcamp, and we all were excited and did it together).

Your maths is off. Assuming a capitol of £20000 and 50% return each month is correct. But they have been only trading these big returns in the past few months, not for 3 years lol. First bootcamp was in June, and its November now (6 months inclusive), they would have made less than 250000, which more than checks out based on what we’ve seen in the bootcamp and the discord. They made half of that in a few days for their ICT challenge.

In regards to the last point, Waly made an amazing point in the beginning of the first lesson: ‘It’s not about how long you’ve traded for, but the resources you have’. We’ve been entered into the discord, and we have access to pdfs of thousands of charts and backtested examples. Trust me they know what they are doing, and they have mastered these theories, and refined them to. Infact, they state to us many times that ‘x piece of information can be found online for free, here is the refinement with examples’, and they encourage us to take advantage of online resources as well.

Just in case anyone can’t afford their education, they’ve also started a Youtube channel to cover some topics for free.

In regards to the verifications, check their IG story challenge.

Momey well spent on my part. Doubt all you want, but haters gonna hate :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

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tbf i had the same scepticism that you have now, i joined these boys in june and have to say they are genuine people, down to earth and also know what they are talking about. they aways go above and beyound and isnetad flexing supercars etc, they run their own charity funded by the courses they sell. as a student in their private discord theres no doubt they are profitbale traders themsleves

Anyone can make outsized returns over a short period.

If your “educator” has no sizeable, 3rd party, independently verified trading history for ATLEAST 5-7 years, during challenging market conditions, I wouldn’t bother wasting time & money with them.

In the past decade thousands of “funds” went bust & were subsequently forced to close, including many hundreds within the last few years alone, run by those with decades of investing & trading experience. The market continually churns up and spits out the amateurs, separating the men from the boys.

Also, literally anyone can open a “fund”. It is meaningless without the necessary credentials and proven investment & trading historical returns to backup your reputation.

Most of these young guys joining social media trading groups typically possess a basic high school education only & have fallen for an emotive backstory with dreams of riches hence will ultimately learn the hard way.

Regarding WWA Trading, you’re learning an overpriced “strategy” from a dentist and two of his mates without any substantial nor independently verified trading history to backup their nonsensical claims.

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I stumbled across this forum searching for their trust pilot so i can leave them a review. I’m a student from their November bootcamp and wanted to wait atleast a month after the bootcamp before leaving a review so i can give an honest and fair POV.
only way to put it, these guys are the best. I’ve been trading for 7 years and have come across many gurus that charge extortionate prices for what they offer and majority of their information is available for free here LOL.
what they teach works, their risk to reward is real. everyday 100s of students are hitting 1:10RR like its nothing and some doing better.
one thing worth mentioning is majority of their material in terms of concept is available online, what makes them different is their application. Wyckoff you can learn for free from YouTube same with smart money. but they way they apply the two and other concepts and merge them together is unfound of.
hope this helps you with your decision. if you are looking to join then 100% go ahead with it , best decision you’ll make. also once you join you can hit me up in the discord whenever and we can work together.
peace out.

In regards to having a trading history of 5-7 years, these guys haven’t even been trading for that long. But I understand that time span to be a personal preference for someone searching for a course to take, and eveyone is different. Some people might want 10-12 years and other might people might want less.

In regards to an independent 3rd party verifier, they have told us in the discord (and maybe on their instagram comments? Not too sure) that they are making a 6 month portfolio which will be shown only to massive investors. They gave us a decent reason why it won’t be published publicly.

But if you think that they refuse to publish their profits because they are faking it, then you need check their instagram story ‘challenge’ when they accepted ICT’s live trading challenge. It was going to be live and verified by Myfxbook. If they were faking it, would they have accepted the challenge and sent over contracts?

In regards to their ‘strategy’, they use a few common concepts such as Wyckoff. But its not about the concepts, its about the implementation, which is what they teach us. They also have many refinements of their own for other concepts, which they also teach.

Infact, with in the past week, they have began uploading a Wyckoff course on Youtube for FREE, which is going to be a prerequiste for their bootcamp. If they wanted to make money from it, why would they post it on Youtube where everyone can access it? The reason is because it’s not only about the concept and theories, but about the strategies used.

On a personal level, what made me take the course in the end wasn’t the success I saw on their page. But rather I got in contact with thier students and asked them, and saw their success. If possible, I would suggest you do the same.

These guys got exposed by ICT time again. Their course has been leaked so do not waste your time even purchasing this ■■■■ esp with no track record of trading. These guys are threatening to sue people LOL for sharing the leaked videos, jokers. It would not hold up in court anyway, they are teaching recycled methods from Wycoff and so on.


A load of BS, you are one of the teachers and hiding behind fake account to defend your company, sorry we all can see through it. Nice try tho

When did they get exposed by ICT? When ICT offered a challenge which they accepted and ICT couldn’t come to terms with? Lol.

They’re not teaching recycled method, they’re teaching a refined method. Big difference between the two. But you need to be able to afford education to realise that. :joy:

I’m not an educator, just one of their students. But I assume you are the mole (or you’re related to him atleast) and you’re sad to see him getting fined 500k for acting like a retard lmao. How about you beg WWA for some mercy? :rofl::rofl:

It would appear that these charlatans are now paying for people to comment on thier YouTube videos. How embarrassing and unedifying.

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Once again no verifiable track record (3rd party independent) of the trades they’ve taken to date. They are not even bothering to put up their personal record. Says it all.

Why deflect and evade time again? Traders are proud of their performance. Its the only real valuable asset they possess as a trader aside from monetary funds. The single industry metric which defines a true trader and like the rest of the scam social media artists they are quick to duck and evade.

Don’t buy the “course”. It is really cheap & tacky, hastily cobbled together last minute like a high school powerpoint presentation the night before. It’s been leaked online.

Seriously the nerve on these social media scam artists to charge 1000’s for basic regurgitated junk speaks volumes of how morally bankrupt they are. None of them have ever worked in senior positions in the field of finance either. Oh how we all dream of trading on a beach, cigars, single malt on ice using technical analysis and junk indicators on tradingview. The life…

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For everyone in here that’s suspicious of WWA and stating obvious and logical examples as to why they’re a scam, I fully support you’re viewpoint and now i’m going to offer my 2 cents… or rather… my experience

I had to make an account just for this because i’m part of their discord community currently I’ve been a member for … well… I can’t giveaway which bootcamp I’m from, now can I … or once they see this, I’ll be removed from the discord (haha, that’s how it works in there)… but let’s just say i’ve been in there for 3+ months… also … for all the “november bootcamp” people coming in here and commenting… I’ll be totally honest with you … just stfu … you don’t know a damn thing, you’re new, and i’m sure in 3-4 more months you opinion will radically change, just like mine did… and OH one more thing… before you go off saying “they’re the best thing ever”… please don’t forget, not only have you STILL not received the 4 fundamentals lessons you were promised when you forked over $2500 for that overpriced course, which btw is a an ICT ripoff but you haven’t even gotten access to half of the discord yet and you got immediately shafted the moment you joined because a “mole” leaked their whole course… the “mole” everyone is referring to imo did a fantastic job because the course ain’t worth anywhere what they’re charging and they don’t deserve to get rich off the backs of others… in fact here’s the secret… i’ll share it FOR FREE cus that’s what it’s worth, $0… if you wanna know the secret to WWA… here it is… fractal 1m Orderblocks which they call “refined candles” … literally the entire thing is ICT but renamed so ICT can’t legally sue their asses + Wyckoff stapled to the end of it… which Alex multiple times even said himself inside the group chat he doesn’t use Wyckoff… and that he “focuses on price action” … out of all 3 of them Alex is the only one that comes off as half honest… Waqar is a complete scammer, and Waly is a just a liar… inside the discord everyone thinks he trades an 8 figure account… are you serious? 8 figures… what a joke. The entire thing… it’s a complete ■■■■■■■ joke… and they have the audacity to try and sue people over content that they originally stole from ICT.

Let me go ahead and breakdown what has happened over the last X amount of months i’ve been involved… the main thing that has happened is people have asked multiple times to see a verified myfxbook track record. Not only did WWA dodge those questions for WEEKS on end because this was an ongoing issue, but they removed several of the people that even asked about it… then on the other side, we have other students desperately defending them saying stupid sh*t like “well a myfxbook track record doesn’t prove anything” because they don’t want to come to terms with the fact they just paid 3 guys who ARE NOT consistent traders by any means 2500 and now feel like they’re at a loss… which… news flash… they are… LOL. And last time I checked… dont you WANT to know if the person you’re PAYING money to learn from can ACTUALLY trade the crap they’re selling you? I mean… idk about you… but that just seems like common sense to me, right? 90% of the trades they post on IG are for marketing purposes… those are trades that are literally from tradingview and MT4… in fact I have screenshots of trades they’ve posted and they literally removed the text from what one students posting the trades said which was “this trade went 20R but i didn’t actually take it” … and they edited that image and whited out the text and posted it on there saying “students catching 20+ R on the day” … do you want to learn from people that conduct shady business and false advertising like that?? Ask yourself that.

Here’s some additional information… they don’t tell you this until after you’ve forked over your hard earned 2500, but they’ll say it afterwards… “the discord is only a free add-on service that isn’t part of your bootcamp payment and we can take it away from you anytime we feel necessary” … and that’s literally what they did with some students, which brings me to my next point… THE TRUSTPILOT REVIEWS OMG… they ASK everyone in each bootcamp on around day 2-3 of the bootcamp, so before the thing has even concluded to go leave a review… that’s why there’s so many positive ones … how can you review something if you haven’t even finished the course/bootcamp yet? Like… WTF … doesn’t even make sense, but that’s what they do… and then afterwards, they create webinars that ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE GIVEN A REVIEW are allowed to be part of… so basically FORCING you to leave a review… but it’s not just that… if you leave a negative review, they’ll immediately flag it, and then email you about it and try to have trustpilot take it down… (they succeed with some, but have failed with the most recent ones because people have gotten fed up with their ■■■■ and are finally leaving honest reviews… go to trustpilot and you’ll see for yourself)… and if you don’t update it to a positive review… guess what? The “free add-on” discord community that you paid 2500 to join… you get permanently kicked from - this has happened to several students but wwa won’t ever disclose that to you, i can promise you that much… and since they tell you you’re not allowed to record the bootcamp because you’ll receive more support in the discord community to teach you the “methods” … you have VIRTUALLY NOTHING left. Surprise surprise… still think WWA isn’t a scam?

In fact… as of today, they just implemented a 10 page PDF basically saying “if you bring up anything we’re not okay with without first DM’ing us directly, we withhold the right to remove you from the discord” … so if you question them about myfxbooks… or bring up the fact that they’re removing students for putting up negative reviews on their trustpilot… you’ll be kicked. Why TF would anyone pay 2500 for 4 days and then a discord community that treats their students like that… those aren’t mentors… those aren’t good people… they’re straight up scammers, but go ahead for the people that don’t believe what i’m saying… go ahead and drop 2 grand + and learn the facts for yourself.

Here’s the bottom line… The course has been leaked, so if you think you’re gonna come into the discord to actually get support… you’re in the wrong place my friend. Look elsewhere, I’m speaking from personal experience and wish whoever is reading this nothing but the best on their journey. Too many forex scams out there… add this one to the list.

If anyone has any additional questions, plz feel free to reply and i can answer them. Not sure how long i’ll keep up with this thread, but i’ll do my best.


As much as I appreciate your thorough, evidence based review based on your personal experience you’re clearly mistaken. These guys charge £2500 for thier course because they are here “to serve and help others and really disrupt the industry away from fake Instagram “gurus” and cash flexing signal services” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. It says so on thier website lol.

They go on to state “There are too many honest , hardworking people losing money to frauds in the industry”. Aparently "they want to be “a beacon for those losing hope, because trading really is a beautiful thing”.

This would all be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad!

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