XAUUSD idea? I'd like to hear yours!

What are ya’ll ideas on gold v dollar in the next few weeks? Here is my chart:

it broke a resistance

Yep it has! I want to see a pull back and I might enter for a long position

pfff, wasn t around, missed this beautiful fake break of daily resist and daily channel at a round nr and divergence on 1hr on gold, and on top of that gaved a NO DEMAND as well… c est la vie, there will be other trades

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its approaching a trendline support right now! i might buy if i see confirmation

there were a Lot of sell limit orders above daily high at resist at that channel, so there s a lot of selling pressure, that s climactic for sure but i d wait for confirmation, meaning the next 1 hr candle should close bulish, to confirm that there s more buying at that level or atleast that is gonna pause and retrace. if this 1hr candle close lower the thte previous 1 that s just means that there s agressive selling, i d wait for high volume rejection(stopping vol), with a bullish reaction, and then wait for a red bar with low vol and a green 1 that closes above that indicating there s little supply. if this candle closes lower then the previous 1 on lower to medium vol, then that tells me there s little buying going on, so better wait imo

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if any of you guys would like to connect more hit me up on telegram i find it easier to speak there: PipProphet1

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Mine is sharvey1990. And anyone that wants to have some trading talk, add me, nothing more than that