XAUUSD Take Profit Issue


I need to understand why my Take Profit Target Not Executed as Candle Closes at 1914.75 as shown in attached Picture where as my Take Profit is 1912.24

Thanks in Advance

Hi, because your profit target lvl was lower than daily close or even daily low price. Regards Greg

put both ask and bid price on the chart, bid should hit TP for long positions and ask should touch it on short positions.

Hi @ProfesorPips

Thanks for your Comments

Initially, the Trade Went Good & I set my Take profit little above FE 61.8
But then the Market Reversea & Hit SL

Hi @Phonix

Thanks for your Comments

I have Enable Ask Line on the Chart on MT4.
But it is only Visible / Available below H4, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Time Frame

Oh, that’s an issue I guess, you cam contact the technical support of your broker for that, if they have any :-/

Will do that