Wouldn’t trading EURUSD at a larger lot size be the same as trading XAUUSD? In other words, if you like seeing the same big gains achievable in XAUUSD when you trade EURUSD, wouldn’t just increasing your EURUSD lot size achieve the same result? So, instead of fearing that you’re missing out on XAUUSD’s big moves, why can’t you just increase your lot size of EURUSD trades? Assuming that you have enough leverage of course and you know what you’re doing.

My point is, since XAUUSD’s moves are bigger, can’t you just increase your lot size in EURUSD instead to see the same amount of profit from EURUSD’s smaller moves?

did you do own research in this topic?

I’m not sure what you mean, but my experience so far tells me that trading EURUSD is easier than XAUUSD, but the gains (and also losses) are not the same. So my question was, how about trading the “easier” pair (aka EURUSD), but with a larger lot size compared to XAUUSD, so that the gains will be the same. Does that even make sense?

XAU/USD is also a metal and also considered a safe haven.

In my opinion, they are not the same. Both are different commodities and characteristics. They are somewhat correlated due to USD but definitely no the same.

Good idea but still very risky.

Not always, buddy. I had an experience of trading gold only, including this pair and actually I have mixed feelings about it.

People say that it’s the safest asset in the market which ca serve as a good way to offset risks when you trade those assets with higher risks like cryptos, for instance, or stocks, with drastic volatility, almost uncontrollable one. But I guess it makes sense only in a long run, like investments.
My day trading experience wasn’t that favorable as I had expected. I had both serious depo drawdowns and good profits, but eventually went out with a very small depo growth.