XGLOBAL Markets - Anouncements

Hello Babypips visitors and members,

This thread is to inform all traders of announcements from XGLOBAL Markets.

Happy trading.

Pantelis Michael

We 're pleased to inform you that we have added 5 new currency pairs in our XGLOBAL MT4 platform.
The addition was due to the strong demand we had for the specific currency pairs.

So now anyone can trade [B]HKD/JPY, CAD/SGD, CHF/SGD, GBP/SGD and SGD/JPY[/B] with some of the best spreads in the market without any dealing desk intervention, no commission fees, no swaps and in a true STP environment for lighting fast execution.

Any questions? Shoot them over.

Happy trading

Pantelis Michael

Hi forum users,

We are happy to inform you that we have lowered the spreads for all the AUD pairs in order to maintain our reputation of offering low spreads without commissions for all our traders. Due to the popularity of these pairs as well as the large volume deriving, we were able to improve the trading conditions.

Most notably, AUD/USD has been reduced to 0.9 pips without swap fees whatsoever making it one of our lower cost Forex trading products that is available for all our clients.

For any questions, please feel free to shout.

Enjoy your trading,

Pantelis Michael

WIN $3,000 with XGLOBAL Markets!

Hello Traders,

I’m excited to announce that XGLOBAL Markets recently launched a prize draw to win $3,000!

In order to win the $3k prize new or existing clients simply need to trade 10 lots or more before July 31st 2015. The promotional period has already started and all clients that trade are automatically entered into the draw, no need to sign up.

We will be pleased to announce the winner early August! More information can be found on the promotions page on our site.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Alex Eliades – XGLOBAL Markets official representative

hello, so if i trade 10 lots i win 3000 dollars? Just like that?

so this is not a competition prize, its only to make volume, correct?
meaning, anyone with 10 lots has same chance as someone who trades 100 lots?

Hello JoeST,

If you trade 10 lots you will be entered into our prize draw and have the possibility to win $3,000. There will only be one winner who will be chosen at random.

Hello kyllefx,

Correct, you just need to produce 10 lots or more in trading volume to be entered into the prize draw. Each client is eligable for one entry one they reach the threshold so if a client trades more than 10 lots will not increase their chances of winning.

Best regards,

Alex Eliades - XGLOBAL Markets official representative

I have a validated account with xglobal that I opened some time back. Before I deposit can you tell me if you support eas?


I am pleased to confirm that our MT5 platform supports EAs so please feel free to get started with any EA. For EA traders we offer an XG Raw account with spreads of 0.2 pips on majors and a 3.75 USD per side commission. Its suitable for EA traders that require as close to zero spread as possible (as we know many require this to accurately enter/exit positions).
As you opened your account some time back you are likely to have an old account type. If you would like a new one please proceed to open a new account from the client area.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

Best regards,
Alexander - XGLOBAL