I am trading this real account with support and resistance setup the red line.
Anyone knows it will come down to my take profit
After opened my position with my target and stop loss done I go to sleep.
On the next day I saw this happened xm broker did not closed my trades after it hit TP 5 times now I am in a great loss this is what xm broker did they only want your money.
I tried send a message to check my account for compensation until now they ignore.EVERYONE PLEASE CHECK THE TIME AND DATE OF THAT TRADE THIS IS THE TRUTH.

hi bro have a good day , is that a 2 lot on 3$ account? what is micro account how such accounts exist :smiley:
i dont get it what type of account do you have?

Taking into account the massive spread you have there, your trade only hit your take profit target once. And that once was on the daily changeover, so it is possible that the long shadow on that candle is not real.

Edit: I’ve also noticed that spreads become huge during rollover, so it may be that even that one candle did not actually hit your profit target.

spread is not a case its h1 time frame

The spread is still an issue on the H1, especially on micro accounts.

Edit: According to XM’s website, the average spread on this pair on a micro account is 2.6 pips. That would prevent at least three of the five points of contact.

Second edit: Alternatively, this could be an elaborate troll/competitor. The profit target could have been entered after the reversal took place.

Well that image is showing a spred of 6 full pips ie 60 pipettes ! is that sort of thing normal during the night ?

II would have expected them to pay out on that one too - he put his TP in based on price, not “Buy price” - surely they should stop him when Price gets there, even if they do steal half teh spread from what they pay him !

XM is my broker, and while I can’t speak to what other brokers do, they do require the Ask line to hit a buy target/stop in order to trigger it.

If you think about it, the alternative would be never knowing exactly how much profit/loss a particular stop/target will give you, because it would depend on the spread at that particular moment. Lesser of two evils, I suppose.

Edit: Put another way, if the price had continued down, but they had triggered the TP when the Bid line hit it, OP could instead complain that the broker had ripped him off by cashing him out early. It is only because price seems to have turned around between the Bid and Ask line reaching the TP that this is an issue.

Well with a 6 pip spread, that is transferring the uncertainty from “How much will I win” ? to "Now where did I leave that stop ? " (Epecially on suggests when it’s a TP. I wonder if it actually works the same way on a Stop-Loss ?

Well no it won’t will it ? because the “Ask” will be reaching out in front of a rising price. In theory the long bet would work the other way round, except it wouldn’t Stop losses would still be hit ahead of the price and Take Profits May not get triggered at all !

So if we take a view of the transactions We seem to be seeing here and assume that a massive move of say 100 pips is considered, then ;

Original spread (from your post around 3 pips “average” so broker gets 1.5 pips then during the slack time, he moves the spread to 6 pips, Then 3% extra punters will get “Stopped out” and 3% ? of deserving “Take profits” will not be honoured.

Now in actual fact it is even more onerous than that because the moves during the night, will not be as large and as we are constantly urged “Use tight stops”, a “Stop loss catcher” reaching out in front of the price becomes even more effective whilst a “Take profit” needs to be put at a level closer by maybe 4 pips. to where you took your trade, if it is a “Calculated” TP as opposed to a “guesss” and if we take smaller bet targets, this 6%, on 100 pips still stays at 6 points, but the distortion to the trade increases massively, so if you had a 10 point stop loss and a 20 point “Take profit” in a fairly tight range, the "Casino’s edge " would now be 6 pips /30 pips or in fact 20% plus the spread which they admit to of whatever (3%) - so in actual fact, we think they’vr got a 3 pip spread, in this case it can be more like 23%

HI Drekieyja thanks for your comment you can also watch on YOUTUBE about XM BROKER SCAM type this .Someone recorded earlier of the manipulation.

hi m.k.a you can try free account choose micro account at XM SCAMMER BROKER for no deposit bonus $30 free and drain thier account as I dont want this broker until now I CANNOT CLAIMED THE MONEY FROM THE SUPPORT CHAT I will change to LITEFOREX seems fair and honest to me.

td ameritrade

Babypips should have a SCAM box for these issues.

I was thinking exactly the same! Many times people get liquidated and dont realize it was simply a money management issue…

3 USD balance. The broker won’t even notice you I’m afraid. It’s the spread I guess. In case they would really try to scam their users like this they would be out of business already. Try to find a cheap laywer when seuing them :wink:

Yeah, honestly just chill. Not XM’s fault at all, they are overpriced for sure, but in that case the super low volumes just bit your ass. Had the same in reverse, in which my SL triggered overnight without the candle even crossing the value. It was a short (as a bright person can deduce). My broker explained it to me and gave me 20 free-trades, even though they had no obligation. You could try that, but the account is likely to be irrelevant for them (3USD).