XTB experiences would you consider this a good broker

I’m looking for a low- spread broker that offers mainly currencies and a few indices, starting with a small account and I swing/day trade.
XTB seems legitimate I’ve seen a few comments that have made me cautious. How are/were your experiences with them?

I haven’t used it so I cannot make a comment. However, I hope the following thread helps.

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Just replied to a similar thread. Guess there’s not much info online.

Found this about XTB

Never heard on XTB. Its preferable to look for famous broker instead of the broker you never heard before.

Vince Pang

FRN 552157 is the number, so yea they are regulated. Safety of funds is not an issue with them but they are not someone I’d call low cost. For that you can look at Fxview.

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Yes! It has thousands of investment options and has excellent reviews online.

They seem to be legit and also have low commissions. The withdrawals are fast and have a user-friendly platform. So you can consider using their services. Try their demo and see if you like it.