Yadix.com News trading

I am using news trading software with Yadix.com since july and have found very good result.

I have made nice profit, i will add below the image from report and managed to take all profit from the trading, its more than 12k. Since, I have spread across accounts and make money on all accounts. Not always but summary is good profit.

Happy with the execution speed, the accurate fill on stops, stop loss and take profit! And when they pay the withdrawal in same days. Never had any problem with payment.

I think condition at Yadix is good for EA and news trade


Hello, my name is George, the Yadix official Representative on Babypips.

Since 2011, Yadix has built a strong reputation for providing services targeted for Scalpers, Forex Robots and News traders.

In case of any question on news trading, scalping or any other strategies, please feel free to ask.

Wishing you profitable trading.


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I found News Trading at Yadix Broker good, accurate fills and very fast compared to other slower STP Brokers. I am trading with their VPS on London Equinix servers.

I opened an account in Yadix because they allow scalping and hedging strategy without limits.
I said more times that I need a server in london, because I operate by my vps in london.
They gave me Account details (Scalper Account) and “Quantix-Live2” server.
I asked them where is located this server, They answered me “is located in London Equinix LD4” (see attached image).
I connected “Quantix-Live2” server and did IP geolocation, server don’t locate in London, but in Seattle, Washington USA.
Now… I don’t know if this is an error or a scam.
But It is very strange!
PLEASE, SERZOR80 AND GOODHANS (maybe was fake nickname, with 3 and six messages)
Please can you give me mt4 yadix server name in London? Thanks

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For now All is ok, they have a good support.
I will write in future to say other things about operations and whitdrawal.

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Some people really have lost the plot.

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two operative days… esecutions is ridiculous!!! In other accounts I have a profit, but in yadix, with same operations i can’t, because esecutions is very bad.
Bye bye

100% in London my friend, with their VPS you get also 1.9 ms ping, I dont think you can get better

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I am not news trading, but scalping using a robot, can be classed as HFT, I have experienced excellent from the execution at Yadix, which I have to say I have never had before. Previously, when the EA has worked, I have been booted from the dirty dealing desk brokers, had profits removed and sent my deposit bank only!

Even the slippage is lower since they moved to london server locations with 40% more price ticks so better filling.

If you ask, they can provide you the execution log and you can see the speed of filling, slippage and all the other details you need. I have attached examples of my scalping EA order fills that shows 7 ms in total fill time from recent fill log I asked for !

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I confirm, the execution is super-fast! Overall, I liked the broker; it has pros and cons, of course
First of all, I am very glad that there are no restrictions on trading, you can trade calmly, you can put ST\TP wherever you want, and not in accordance with the requirements of the broker

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So far I liked it, we’ll see how it goes further

are you active clients of Yadix? You have some proof, please

yes, I am, do you have any questions?
here is a screenshot of my Personal Account

What are the trading terms? how fast is withdrawl done?

It’s quite simple - I requested the withdrawal, and in a few hours everything was confirmed
trading conditions depend on what you need. As far as I understand, this broker is suitable for those who make a couple of hundred orders per second =) it’s either scalping or trading on news

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I myself trade more in the long term; orders take a couple of days/weeks, as I trade with commodities and indices. I don’t really deal with the currency, because it’s completely volatile. there is only carry trade

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and carry trade orders can last for half a year =)

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I trade news at Yadix after so many years of brokers turning off feed during big news, pausing prices, closing platforms and more tricks including long shadow on a candle that isn’t suppose to be there, Yadix is the first broker that the MT4 has been stable during every news event I’ve been in front of the screen to see for the past year.

In reality, we know that there is always spread wider during news and there can be slippage, and I assume that Yadix is more stable with better conditions during these market conditions based on what I read about their liquidity and technical services that give them a definite advantage compared to most other retail brokers.

I’d say to anyone using these kinds of fast-action strategies to test Yadix with few hundred dollars and see the difference for their trading, maybe will help you?

Is there requotes? I subscribed to signals, and there you need to react quickly enough, because signals come out during the news

There is practically no slippage, I trade on an classic account, but there’re ecn and all the advantages of a stp broker, orders are opened quickly, I open pending orders on news. The best part is that if there are strong news, then stop loss or take profit are executed at the right prices