Yellow everybody

I’ve been lurking in the forex community for a while started a test account did well on that then started a real account and it’s been wild fluctuations haven’t lost everything haven’t totally gained financial independence so I figured I should probably start learning how to do this better. I saw lots of posts or responses to newbies saying go to babypips and do all their lessons. So here I am ready to learn.

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…how to detach your mindset from reacting to emotional responses.

sounds really good that you willing to learn. most of the traders who are particularly beginners always try to skip the learning situation.

you can start with psychology of school of this forum including a practice account . this is really a perfect combination for beginners level.

most of the traders suggest demo account for practicing demo account but personally i suggest a micro account even though it is little expensive but this is really supportive to acquire live trading knowledge and expereince.

school of this forum + trading in a practice account = the good solution for the beginners.