Yen Carry Trade and Rollover Rates

I am interested in going long against the yen. Can anyone recommend the broker with the best rollover rates?

i would also like to know how to find brokers will good rates.

I like oanda because they pay interest on your positive carry positions and your cash balance :slight_smile:

anything with at least 100:1 leverage?

with fxsol you can do up to 400:1 leverage and they credit/debit carry interest on positions. I don’t know how good the rates are compared to other brokers…probably not that great since they allow it on 400:1

i like the fact Oanda pays interest on balance. thats a plus. but what about their rates? are there any brokers with competative rates that are the same or beat oanda? are there any brokers that pays interest on carry trades and balance?

I would like to bring this topic up… let’s us discuss.

I hear, Oanda provides lower swap. There is higher, but I cannot find any.

It’s a plus indeed for Oanda: They pay interest on balance and your high-yielding carry trade positions such as XJPY longs.

But any others?