Yes, yet another Newbie!

Hi everyone,
New to Babypips and relatively new to Forex trading. Some success with my strategies and some failures. Learning a lot as I go with many more lessons along the way.

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You been testing your strategies on a demo account

Welcome! What kind of strategies do you use and which pairs do you focus on? Looking forward for you to share some knowledge. Good luck!

Hey Reece22,
No I haven’t been back testing.
A lot of training courses, books, vids and following experts on TradingView to get their perspective on everything they do. I’ve been more successful with my trades than not but I’ve learned it Takes A Lot of Money to make a lot of money… so I work for a living :frowning: Good luck with your ideas.

You can practice on a demo account to make your knowledge improved.

You’re pretty right that you came here for gaining new knowledge. Actually, there are plenty of traders who share their positive and negative moments from trading, you can read evrything here, especially those branches which is considered to be the most interesting for you. I always think that the best option for a trader, especially new trader is to find a proper community where he/she can ask questions, get responds and gain new experience. Never stop learning and try various strategies.If once you was lucky with your strategy it doesn’t matter that it’s successful, try various ones.

Welcome to the community. You are in the right website. You can start your learning from education section of this website. The resources are very helpful to begin with .
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