Yes, you can – motivating post

Yes, you can achieve this and better results, why? Because all depends on you. The FX market is a place where your wealthy, look, people you know, how strong you are doesn’t matter. The market will sooner or later evaluate each trader in terms of his skills, knowledge and character traits.

be like water that scratches the rocks and reaches its destination :slight_smile:


Congratulations. You deserve it. Your posts are very motivating to all, and useful for newer members too. Well done. :star_struck:


That’s impressive! Great job!!

Thanks for sharing.

Do you use different strategies with prop firms?

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Honestly, your recent posts does not make me think of anything rather than you are promoting a broker, darwinex as I believe! your trading journal does not support that you can be the second silver trader in a broker! I have seen people with insane profit gains, more than 1 100% in a day continuously and they have never received such a thing!

Darwinex is not a prop firm, everyone who have requirements can join to seed allocation program

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The link below achievement is confirmation my results on Darwinex website.

There was a guy with nickname “The man who deciphered the financial markets” Jim Simons, he earned average 60% per year during last 30 years read about him before you write that kind of information.

Btw high results equals high risk , you can earn 1100% in one day and the next day loose only 100%

This is the reason I think you are a paid advertiser! And also

I have had enough experience with forums and places like that, I know how an advertiser sounds like!!!

I don’t have any cash from Darwinex, this post has been created for motivation others not for promote brand

Sureeeeeeee :slight_smile: sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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You calling me a liar? btw there is “magic button” calling to report spam, use it if you think that I posted something against forum rules. If moderators evaluate it as a violation that is ok, I will accept the punishment without any problem but if not, I will report all your posts in this topic as off-topic.

I looked it up, and I still don’t understand how this program works. If it’s not a prop firm, is it a pool? Everyone trades, and you get a portion of the pool’s profits?

I have no idea. Can you try explaining it, please?

Impressive brother! Keep posting like this because it motivates us.

Thanks for sharing these amazing posts with us

lol go ahead now, let me see what you can do. remember that failing do do anything will always make me remind you as someone whos best attempt was nothing! So, lets see. LOL

Improve your English BTW took me a long while to decipher what you say and I value my time.

so report it, I am waiting :slight_smile: who want to understand my posts will find time to “decipher” I remind you that you don’t have to read my post