Yesterday +140, December 1000+

I’ve been using basic trend lines and support and resistance for the month of December, I have a few simple rules and my trades have done very well, check out this chart for a basic idea. Since December 1, I have made 1000+ demo pips with this strategy. Please post or email me any comments or ideas. Thanks for checking out my post, have a good one.

Great performance, keep it up :slight_smile:
But you want comments on what?

Trendlines are used by many traders nowadays, and its profitable indeed since you know how to use them.

Have you backtested this over a two years?

sorry for being slow about getting back to these posts, i have been putting the strategy into word format so i could post the whole thing. Happy trading and thanks for your replies.

Please refer to the attachment and chart below for a complete understanding of our strategy. Thanks for viewing my post and have a fantastic day.:slight_smile:

I love that.

It looks very interesting indeed.

Do post more :slight_smile:

E. Lang