Yooooo for real these patterns be crazy

Tryna master these chart patterns

It is very overwhelming at first, but you will get used to it.
What chart patterns are you currently using?

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Not using any just going back to historical data and seeing if I can spot them

I want to learn many more things from this market.

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I haven’t even started trading like I want but remember sitting down during the beginning of the pandemic thinking I was going to get it all down in 2 weeks lol but I know way more now than I did the first 2 weeks

If you start trading from D1 charts all this TA stuff makes far more sense.

Most of the best known chart patterns show what are said to be reversals - head and shoulders, double tops, triple bottoms, pin bars, bullish engulfing patterns, hammers, shooting stars etc. etc. etc. This all appears to suggest that successful trading comes from getting into big price moves in the opposite direction to what’s been happening lately and which have not started yet.

That would be all fine of these patterns were that reliable. And also if those big new price moves really went on for long enough to get out with a great profit. i.e., they formed a trend.

But wait a minute, if you want a reliable pattern that’s probably not a trap and that will take your position into deep profit, well, that’s a trend isn’t it? So why not just look for a trend and get in there…

What’s your question? Haha

Another bl___ing Bot?

Sounds good. Do your best, mate.

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