You bring MONEY & i bring BUSINESS IDEAS regarding forex trading

Hello World! I am a south african boy, 23 years old with 4 years of forex trading experience. I have “Business Law” qualification.

I am looking for a trader or someone i can work with or make some deal regarding forex trading. To be more precise, i have been learning Forex for more than three years and i have not succeeded yet but i am way better than who i was years ago in terms of trading and i am looking for a partner who can invest in me (in my skillset, experience, information, business ideas)

And you are welcome to put me in the test to see if i am legit, to see how much i know and maybe you can learn few things from me.

Why not do it myself if i am more skilled?
I have no funds yet and it is gonna take me months or more than a year to save and fund my account. I am just a graduate with no work nor money.

If you are as good as you believe you are but lack the initial capital why not explore the option of a prop firm? I believe one of them starts out with a $99 challenge.


Thank you. I will surely consider that option.

Like @THE_GOATE said, you can consider prop firms or even PAMM accounts. AAAFx & Hotforex are good brokers to consider if you want to try PAMM accounts for trading. Since you said you want to team up with another trader, you can have a look at their social trading features too. All the best!

There are many more:

  • Topstep Forex
  • 5%ers
  • SurgeTrader
  • FTMO
  • Fidelcrest
  • BluFX
  • Audacity

I hope no one believes this load of rubbish.

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