You don't have to read my posts

Hello everyone, for a long time I have been encountering rude behavior from users because they do not agree with my answers or do not understand them. Some of them claimed that they were right even though I proved them wrong, so I would like to clarify something. My posts are intended to show you the general direction, advantages and disadvantages of various trading methods based on my experience, and not to do all the work for you in achieving your goal. If you have life or emotional problems that you cannot cope with, go to a specialist - there is no shame in it, and it does not give you the right to insult others on the forum. if you think that my posts are stupid and not worth your attention, just skip them, use the ignore function, I am not forcing you to read my posts, you decide what is best for you.


Professor, don’t let it get to you. The folks who view your posts as gold nuggets outnumber those who take offense at them. That should compensate for the rude behaviour you encounter, which, by the way, you don’t deserve especially when all you are doing is trying to help them.

Oh Sorry to hear about your experiences:( Thank you for sharing your knowledge and trying to help others. Your efforts are appreciated

As a matter of fact, you should be the one to ignore.
Barrack Obama made a speech during his first visit to Kenya as president, this was about democracy which Kenya wasn’t getting right… (politics)
He said and i quote,

“in a democratic state, there’ll never be satisfaction. While you think you making someone happy, as a matter of fact you equally making some others mad”

You making up posts about that means you’re angered, and being angered signifies those people achieved their aims already.

I’m simply surprised that people can be so rude when giving someone free knowledge that I had to pay for myself. Now, a user claims that he is promoting a broker because I use the name and logo, although there is no evidence of my cooperation with the broker. He can’t believe that he can do something selflessly. People, what’s happening to you?

There’s always going to be people who disagree with what we do. Just keep sharing your knowledge and focus on those who appreciate it.

There is nothing wrong with it if you disagree AND have rational arguments to support your opinion but if your answer is “no, because no”, it is pure spam

Yeah your good professor, no worries, there’s all kinds of people everywhere.

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