You Trade, We Aid

We here at believe that all members of this Earth, including forex newbies, amateurs, and currency demigods, share a responsibility to take care of the environment and of each other. That’s why on behalf of the FX-men, I would like to provide this opportunity for you to not only improve on your trading skills, but to also give to charity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check out our two forex-related contests on our Forums:

Trade of the Week by Forex Ninja (ToTW) - submissions start every Friday of the week.
Best Forex Trading System of the Month by Robopip (BFTS) - entries are accepted starting every first week of the month.

  1. Participate by submitting an entry to either or both contests. For each entry that a forum member submits, we will donate $1 to our Charity of the Month.

Just make sure you follow ALL rules and regulations listed on both contests. If any of those rules, (i.e. a missing a chart, incomplete explanations, etc.) aren’t followed, then your submission will be zapped by Robopip and will vanish into thin air. Ha! We ain’t kiddin’.

  1. If you win either of the contests, our wizard admin team will contact you again via your forum thread to determine your selected charity. will then donate an additional $10 (for ToTW winners) or $50 (for BFTS winners) to your chosen charity. So if you’re not a member yet, make sure you sign up [B]NOW[/B]!

Here’s an example to make it clear:

Steve, Bill, and Mark all decide to submit trade ideas to the Trade of the Week contest. Because Steve, Bill, and Mark each submitted one entry, we will then donate a total of $3 to our Charity of the Month.

Now, let’s say that the community votes for Mark’s trade as the best for the week. Mark then decides to choose Charity A. We will then donate $10 to Charity A.

Let’s say that Charity A just happened to be our Charity of the Month. That means we would donate a total of $13 to Charity A.

Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Why the heck is doing this?!

Well, since our big, vibrant community has all types of forex fanatics, from system traders to forum ninjas, we’d like to give those who are willing but unable to give a helping hand a chance to do so.

Besides, we think that donating to charities would give more meaning and purpose to your participation in the ToTW and BFTS contests. Not only will you be helping the global forex community by sharing your fabulous ideas and trading systems, but you are also helping your fellow men by contributing to the effort to keep the earth Green, and most importantly, helping those who have no opportunity whatsoever to get an education or put food on the table, let alone participate in this wonderful endeavor called “forex trading.” Golden List of Charities

And now the golden list of charities from which ToTW and BFTS winners can choose from!

[B]Greenpeace Fund[/B]

Do you love the environment? Do you want to protect the ecosystem? Do you want to save Nemo and Timon and Pumbaa and Po the Panda from extinction? Well, so does Greenpeace!

Greenpeace is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of current environmental issues.

[B]World Vision[/B]

No, World Vision isn’t an eye center for creatures like Cyclopip. It’s actually a world-renowned organization that focuses on the development and education of children.

World Vision caters to over 100 countries, working with communities to develop long-term solutions geared towards alleviating poverty and advocating justice for the poor.

[B]Mercy Corps[/B]

Ever had your community in shambles following a natural disaster?
If you have, then you’d understand what a terrible ordeal it is to go through.

Meet Mercy Corps.

Mercy Corps focuses on disaster response and the emergency relief. It is a global organization that helps communities through the transitional period that normally follows a natural disaster or economic conflict.

[B]Heifer International[/B]

Ever had the urge to give a cow or goat as a gift to someone? Well, with Heifer International’s help, you can!

Heifer International’s mission is to alleviate poverty and world hunger and to forge a sustainable and economic way of life. Some of Heifer’s programs involve giving out livestock, seeds, and training to help beneficiaries build new homes and start new businesses.

[B]Now it’s your turn![/B]

With all these worthwhile charities now accessible in exchange for a few minutes of your time, make sure you play your part and submit your trade ideas and trading systems! You have nothing to lose; you get good hands-on trading experience, [B]AND[/B] you contribute to a good cause. Now isn’t that a win-win-win deal? We think so too!

Looking forward to seeing all your submissions! Good luck!

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