You will never make it, you are too lazy

i believe we need to hear that we wont make it in order to light a flame under our ass.

animals are naturally lazy and require some enticement to become motivated. this is the reason a huge why is so important.

i invite everyone to submit their why right here in this thread for judgement. please dont take offense if your current why sucks. you can always upgrade

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Is that so.

Only handwork pays off in trading.

Hey Darryl - you mean hard work. I hope…


This is actually a very relevant and wise observation.

It always amazes me how much is written on the forum about the abysmal failure rate amongst Newbies (80+%), and about all the possible causes of these failures - but little about how this situation can be improved.

And I am also inclined to think that one big reason is a general lethargic approach amongst the traders themselves. Almost amounting to a belief that failure only happens to others and not to oneself.

It is possibly a lethargy that creeps in due to the fact that a trader is self-employed and has no one else to report to other than themselves. So it is easy to sweep the failures under the rug and just carry on - until there is nothing left to carry on with.

If every trader had to report and explain their performance to a boss at the risk of being sacked for failure due to incompetence there would certainly be far fewer retail traders still around today - or they would be trading a lot smarter!

This is the natural conclusion of the above. And I agree there is a tendency towards sloathfulness when progress is slow or non-existence. Again, perhaps due to the self-employed nature of retail trading where one has to self-motivate. This means the need to cure faults is easily replaced with finding excuses for them.

But I differ from the issue here in that I don’t think the burning issue is the “why”, rather it is the “how”.

There are so many introductions from Newbies stating a burning desire to change jobs, find financial freedom, help their families, etc, etc. And these all seem to be genuine purposes for starting trading. However, it is true that the extent of the real sustainable motivation behind them is perhaps suspect.

But I think that, regardless of the reason for trading, the real burning issue for any trader is how am I going to achieve sustained and consistent profitability. It is certainly not going to happen by constantly doing the rounds and trying out all the countless strategies and formulas offered on forums and YTs.

If there were consistently successful stategies and EAs etc, then they would spread like wildfire across the globe and we would all be where we each wants to be in life! But I have yet to hear of even one such provenly successful general method, either manual or automated, that can be applied equally well by anyone.

It takes a lot of deep and intense systematic study and work to evolve a trading plan that can consistently perform and adapt in all kinds of market conditions - but that applies equally much to any superior profession. Why should trading be treated with any less respect and commitment?

If you have a genuine “why” driving your ambition then apply the same drive to finding your “how”.

Just my thoughts, anyway…


It is better to blast a bomb under your ass then to write a freaking textbook on how to blast a bomb under your ass.

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Hmmm, have to be careful about the size of the bomb, though,eh? :scream: :laughing:

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an optimal why fills you with enough pride to produce unlimited passive energy. omnipresent meaning its always there in the background keeping you above water’ impressed not depressed

Don’t forget laziness paired with ego and unrealistic prospects.
Harsh post, but true words.

i am so dead :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think the motivation is found within ourselves, not conjured up because someone says we can’t do it or we’re lazy or whatever reason. If you want something bad enough, you work hard and don’t rest til you get there. Problem is too many just don’t want it bad enough, they don’t want to put in the effort so they’re always stuck running in circles.

hardwork is required but not necessary ,i can get to there in 3 min if i want .

I can get to there in 2.59 min if I want :triumph:


the motivation comes from the pride you feel when thinking of your why. but what we are discussing is the inevitable laziness that comes after. you need to be called out on it, especially if you are always trying to minimize or dodge it.

at some point, we should understand the limits of our own resolve. especially when trying to master such a difficult skill.

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as for motivation, i would argue that its found in others. i find my energy has no limit when focusing on others and what we are as a whole.

unraveling the string for the unimaginable

In my opinion a combination of hard work and smart work pays off in trading.