Your biggest fear

hello to everybody.
What is your worst fear? I’ve been talking about trading forex for the past three days, so since this is the first time I’ve written a non-forex topic here, I thought I’d start one.
mine is: I’d hate to lose my best friends. :frowning:

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I have many fears lol. One of them include being stuck in an elevator for days. :sweat_smile: But fr, my biggest fear would be to die a long, painful death. :cold_sweat:

I have some fears but none is bigger than the other. So my answer would be, my biggest fear? None.

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I totally get you! Fears can be a real buzzkill. I mean, who wants to be stuck in an elevator for days, right? And don’t even get me started on the idea of a long, painful death. That’s a serious nightmare! Just remember, life’s too short to let fears hold you back. Embrace the good stuff, take on challenges with a brave face, and make the most out of every moment. You got this!

Wow, that’s seriously impressive!Keep rocking that fear-free mindset and show the world that nothing can hold you back. You’re absolutely crushing it!

Currently my biggest fear is sleep paralysis. The feeling of being awake but unable to move or speak, accompanied by hallucinations. It’s like being imprisoned in your head, I hate that. I guess this is how being in a comma feels like.

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Have you ever experienced it? I know someone who has and it sounds like a traumatizing experience!

Exactly you asked my question too. I wanna know that he experienced it too???

Oh my God, I believe my mother experienced this repeatedly. She attempted to move but was unable to. As soon as she was able to move, she began screaming and sobbing—oh my god, that’s just how I remembered poor my mother.

What a question! While reading philosophy these days, my biggest fear is the day that I might find out that everything I know and believe in is wrong!
Not just about God; what if all I know and believe about the world, my friends, even forex, is wrong?
Well, I can’t imagine that day!
Best luck to me this time!/

yes it’s actually a pretty common experience. I experienced it when I sleep too much, basically my mind is awake but my body stays frozen for like 15 mins (but it feels like forever)

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It’s natural to fear that everything we know and believe could be wrong, especially when exploring philosophy. However, embracing uncertainty can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world. Keep an open mind, question your beliefs, and enjoy the process of seeking knowledge. Best of luck on your journey!
do you think that maybe we could make a topic about God in Lobby??? Will Babypips allow us??