Your First Real Account

This is how I blow my first account like a genius

My first trading account was funded with only $100 dollar and I got it crashed within 2 months.

RIP to your first account, now you’ve officially started your trading education! :sweat_smile:

How much was your initial trading account size?

Hey, I’m also a beginner in forex trading, and I know it can be tough when you experience losses. Don’t be too hard on yourself - losing money is a common experience in forex trading, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful in the future.

You should be proud of yourself for holding on for that long. I blew my $100 on the second day :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry to hear about your experience with your first trading account. It may not have been a pleasant experience but I’m sure you learned something from it.

good job my friend :rofl:
i had also destroyed 400 lev (about 250 dollars) in like 3 trades and 2 hours on my first account ( i think it was like bet and i just clicked on something and i come back and see i lost all of my money

Trading in real life be like:
But seriously all of us have the same experiences as yours. That’s humanity! I think you can not learn anything until it causes you some problems.