Your helping hand... :)

Dear All

By way of warm-introduction, my name is Anish Lal and I am an experienced FX professional & a self-confessed Forex NERD. I have been trading the markets for 6 years & have had huge highs as well as huge lows.

I currently work with a London-based FX Broker. However, am here to add value into discussions and share ideas about FX trading.

The advantage of being on the inside, is that I get to know all the little secrets your broker(s) don’t want you to know… :46: - hehe (I do consider myself the “Good Guy” in the industry) - Coming from a Family of lawyers does help too!

I hope to connect with as many people as possible

Happy Trading

Anish Lal




Well I have seen The Good, Bad… Really Bad & Most Ugly!

Enlighten us please…

Industry secrets…awesome!

Do you work for one of the firms currently under investigation for insider trading? What’s the biggest insider secret that you can share without getting in trouble? :slight_smile: