Your opinion on Vantage FX

was just wondering what people think of Vantage FX, im fairly new to all this and just want other opinions id like a ECN with a min of 2k ruffly to start off with, maybe CFDs later on aswell which vantage does not have, any suggestions for brokers in Australia?

I am working with them for a year now. It does behave like an stp so far.

I have monitored the spreads at Vantage FX for the last couple of days and noticed that they happen to be the best non-commission brokers at the moment. They have a proactive customer service and respond to my questions promptly with the information or solutions that I need. They offer an attractive and free VPS service which gives them the competitive edge in the forex market. I am looking forward to carrying out live trading with them in the near future.

ok, is it better to be paying the spread or a commission

For small accounts it is better spread and for big ones it is much better fixed commission.

what would you recommend to use when it comes to commissions??

I have traded with Vantage FX for a year now and find their spreads rather reasonable. In fact they are better than GoMarkets on most pairs. Despite the slow execution speeds once in a while, they have a brilliant customer support service and I am happy to trade with them. There is no problem with withdrawing of funds and you get your money within a day which to me is quite convenient.
I would say that since every broker has one problem or the other at some point in time, Vantage FX are the most consistent in their trading and do not see the need to change brokers because of a few glitches here and there.

It’s been great trading with Vantage FX because of their outstanding and straightforward trading practices. Your trades are filled straight away and it is easy to get out of the positions. There is a constant spread over the currencies I trade at night and I have never experienced a slippage. Vantage FX offers one of the best fixed spread brokerages in the market and the customer services is excellent.

I’ve been trading with them for more than a year now and yeah, pretty much the same experience but when market opens (must I say), spreads are a little wide lik 8 pips on GBPJPY wich is not much if you do swing or position trading.

So far, I am satisfied with Vintage FX because of the speed of execution making for seamless trading day or night. This coupled with the supportive customer service allows me to trade consistently without any delays or losses in real time. This is where they competition is lagging behind because I have worked with other brokers and never been as comfortable with them.

I don’t get requotes even on the news and find the scalping system suitable for this broker. There is no telling the difference between the live and demo account too.

I don’t trade news using oco orders before the release because rumor has it that there are people who have experienced slippage. But, all the same, I use Vintage FX because they have free MYFX and VPS license including the auto chartist link. Another thing to note is their great spreads and incomparable customer support. In my opinion, they rank among the best brokers at the moment.