Your thoughts on Cardano (ADA)

What do you think about Cardano(ADA) crypto?
Made some research myself, but wanted to ask for the opinion of the crypto community on this coin. What do you all think about it?

This is one of the coins I’m just holding, or hodling, whatever the term is lol its super cheap, and I heard a lot of great things about its platform, and it’s one of the top cryptos in market cap, so why not? Hopefully, it grows

It’s an open source project with a community of scientists and academics and peer-review leading the way. I always like looking at the founding team behind the coin/token/. Part of it’s team is Charles Hoskinson, a mathematician who was also a co-founder of Ethereum, whose vision changed from the Ethereum core team, so he left. Jeremy Wood, also a former team member with Ethereum, who still works on Ethereum Classic, joined with Hoskinson and the Cardano Foundation to work on this project.

Have a watch of a Tedx Talk Charles Hoskinson gave on how decentralized and distributed technologies would benefit the world. Not so much about Cardano, but how decentralization is the future.


Same here. I bought ADA just recently and also planning to hodl it. It’s now rank #6 and out of the top 10 coins, Cardano is making the strongest gains.

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Cardano to be used in Ehtiopia’s Agriculture Industry.


Cardano 1.5 is important in preparation for moving to the Shelley development phase. This update brings a new consensus protocol, Ouroboros BFT, which is a key step in the transition from Ouroboros Classic, the current consensus protocol running the Cardano network, to Ouroboros Genesis, the protocol for the Shelley era. Ouroboros Genesis is a major upgrade to the protocol that underpins Cardano because it is first proof-of-stake protocol that matches the security guarantees of proof-of-work protocols such as Bitcoin.

You also follow Coinwhalenews.

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… never have seen such good & complete documents (whitebook&co), such longterm and precise outlooks, etc. Every document seems to be prooved from lots of scientists.
So I think it will grow very very successful, but with the speed of a snail (… i’m a perfectionist myself and and as I know scientists are that too - as a rule - and that takes lots of time :))))

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Charles H has his head screwed on correctly.
His experience and eventual change of direction with Ethereum led him out of that crypto to develop Cardano (ADA).

I am a long term accumulator of Cardano. Buy the dips.
I do that because I don’t have the money to buy the lot while they are still cheap.
What I will end up with is the equivalent of what we called “dollar-cost-averaging” with shares.

This crypto will eventually rise to the top-ish levels and maybe challenge Ethereum.
It’s all about trust, and ADA has not put a foot wrong. That is what will attract businesses to use the Cardano blockchain, and proof-of-work is happening all the time.
The open-source development means no need for patents, and the kicker - any developer with real skill is lining up to become involved.

That’s my take - could be wrong on some of these points - happy to be corrected because I am learning all the time.
I won’t make any rash predictions, except for the wishful challenge to Ethereum :slight_smile: … but I am not accumulating Cardano for nothing, I assure you.

EDIT: Cardano briefly exceeded Stellar to hold 8th highest market cap for a day, but is now sitting at 9th ($AUD3.3B) while Stellar is at $AUD3.4B.

Current opportunity to top-up ADA portfolio. AUD$0.1200 as I write - 10am Thursday AEST.

BTC is on a tear (again) and it will end where it did last time.
It’s just an opinion, but you simply cannot have this kind of activity in a crypto and expect it to last.

The volatility plays into the hands of traders, and when they win, YOU lose.
I will not get involved in this kind of activity.
There are people around with deep pockets who are using crypto-currencies to make money off the suckers who pile in to a tear-away coin, like BTC, only to be left holding the bag when the floor falls out of the price.

Those who make the money are those who sell at the top.
People don’t take their money out until it is too late, because they want "just a bit more."
In a word: GREED!

Don’t be this way with your investing - keep it stable, for the long term.
When BTC crashes, it takes down the price of everything else.
So when this happens, just see it as an opportunity to accumulate more at wonderful prices.

Leave the trading to others whose goals are short term…

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Any Alt coin investment needs to be backed by sound knowledge of your chosen coin.

By that I mean you need to know:

  • why it exists at all
  • what it hopes to accomplish
  • its blockchain technology - applications/decentralised/uptake rate by users
  • etc

You also need to have confidence in the security of the coin itself, and you can only get this through investigation and seeing:

  • Proof of stake
  • Proof of work
  • etc

Cardano ticks those boxes, and more.
In fact I have not even touched on so much more about ADA that is positive.
The current Shelley test-net work is an invitation to people to join with the technical management team to shake the block chain to see if there are any loose nuts and bolts, and so much more.

There is a new “Roadmap” since May 2019, as well as a concerted effort to try to hack ADA in any area, and people are being invited to try to do this, to prove up the security of the instrument.

Cardano technology is Open Source.
That means that the software in use and currently being developed and added, is NOT copyrighted or patented - it’s what it says on the tin - ‘open source.’ It’s free and can be copied by other Alt coins.

Today I was pleased to receive this Video (65 minutes), made by Charles Hoskinson after he arrived home in Colorado after many weeks ‘on the road’ promoting ADA, and addressing interest-groups and governments all over the world. This is paying off. Currently the Government of Ethiopia has signed a MOU to use ADA Blockchain tech in its Agricultural industries.

This about that.
Can you understand what that means for the poor farmers in that country? They will (many for the first time) get paid a fair price for their produce, and pay a fair price for seed, cattle and other stock, machinery and on and on.

That doesn’t just give them a decent income for their labour, it raises their standard of living and allows their children to be educated and eventually take their place in the world.

Mongolia also is in discussions with ADA to use this technology.
It’s like an acorn seed - the seed is germinating and will soon be a young, sturdy plant.
When its roots are established, which is about where we are at today, the tree will thrive.

In the light of this, compare what it going on with other alt-coins.
What can you say about them to compare with the strong contribution ADA is making, planning and developing?

BTC is what it is - I don’t intend to knock it.
But I add the disclaimer that I do not hold it, have never held it and have no plans to become involved with it in the foreseeable future.
I see no correlation whatsoever between the two (ADA/BTC) other than that BTC is the acknowledged father of crypto coin tech. ADA is so far removed from BTC now, that I don’t know why I am even adding this to the discussion.

The philosophy of Cardano is that it is an Open Platform, a Financial Operating System, with a plan to be what a Crypto currency should be for the developing world.

If you are into Cardano, I would be happy to post links to videos for you, and other links to discussion between Charles Hoskinson and others who know, unlike me, much more about this alt-coin.

I am a small volume holder of ADA, with a plan to add to that holding as able. Topday’s enabling price, as I type, is AUD$0.1130

Enjoy this: YouTube

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Charle’s words are undeniably amazing. Everything he says and each point covered makes sense for me. I am bullish on ADA till the end.

Hopefully they stick to their development timeline. Many detractors say they haven’t done much related to smart contracts. Something that’s supposed to unseat/compete with Ethereum, yet doesn’t even have smart contracts as a feature, has a lot of people screaming scam.

But they finally launched a testnet to get that functionality out, along with a rollout plan.

Should be happening by September, so hopefully they make it happen.

  • I invested 15$ in January and now I have like 220$. I think that it will keep on growing