Your top fundamental books

HI guys,

Plz contribute some your most useful or top books that helped you with fundamentals here for me… thanks a lot

I think a great starting book would be “The Atlas of Economic Indicators: A Visual Guide to Market Forces, and the Federal Reserve.” It’s very easy to read and very inexpensive on the internet.

I also like “Intermarket Analysis: Profiting From Global Market Relationships” by John Murphy. Probably not for beginners, but its definitely a good read to better understand fundamental and economic relationships.

any free e-books??

This is a site that talks about candle sticks. On the left side of the page near the middle you will see a tab called candle stick guenius look at that a lot of good stuff there. Also utube is a good place to goto.

Candlestick charting explained - Japanese candlesticks and How They Work.