Zero Bollinger Band Theory (Trend Follow System)

Hello there, let me introduce myself, my name is Iqbal, from Malaysia, starting from 2013, i learn a lot on forex. Down and up, forex teach me more than making money, it tells me about patience, perseverance, struggle.

As for this year, there some a bit hope towards a more professional trading. Below are my current strategy.

Zero Bollinger Band Technique

Parameter : Default
Timeframe : D1
Entry Rule : If price below Mid BB, SELL, if price above Mid BB BUY
SL : Swing High or Swing Low
TP: R2

I will update the analysis and screen shot starting for tomorrow, plus i already open to public for this strategy, feel free to see

This reserve for the screen shot analysis for tomorrow.

There are people already using this strategy already… Nothing special about this strategy my friend

There are chance when price pull back also. Not 100% accuracy can say it only 50/50… And do you know that when price above or below the bb mid line. Is the price action is already taken halfway… Or even is over already. It dangerous for u to trade this way.

i’m using BB indicator too on D1, but i also look out for Elliot wave for confirmation. Do show us some screenshot of what you see. I’m interested too.

so you are trading a moving average (e.g. 20 day if you use standard BB settings)…nothing to do with BB…
the BBs are calculated from this exact moving average, but if you don’t use the BBs it’s actually no BB strategy…but good luck anyways

This is right.

It’s got nothing to do with Bollinger Bands at all.

A “Bollinger Band midline” is just another name for a moving average.

For me I do use BB also. But I use the bb for hunting reverse with Sar n ichimoku cloud. Everyone know tread will follow the bb keep moving up out moving down. But who know when it will really pull back or totally reverse?? When price over bb it will pull back or reversed??? It may pull back afew pips n continue the journey… That where many trader get kill… That when Sar come into the picture, plus the expansion of bb … To fully catch the reverse… Those who saw my post b4 will know how I hunt reverse n get the pips. May god be with us

Remember nv trade with the bb mid line… I agreed with the guys that the midline got nothing to do with bb cos it using standard 20 moving average

Yup, this is not a very interesting technique.
i already met with various kind of system, even by using astrology and gann calculation to conduct my trade.

But after all. it just a game of probability. Simpler is better.

Its is not how accurate you execute your trade. But how do you exit. What is the point by getting 20 point profit floating initially but at the end close as negative.
Entry is not my concern, but the exit it was.

There is no holy grail technique. Even you are crossing up to 20 indicator with the combination of time session, crossing with the multitime frame analysis. When it loss, so it loss. Be it. Gut and be brave take your loser. And whenever you won, make it you won big. Market is so random.

it is not about “NEVER TO TRADE AT MID BB LINE”. It is how you try to understand the price.

The significant of BB is it tell THE MOST HIGH, MOST LOWEST AND AVERAGE PRICE of certain period of time. It is a dynamic SnR for me. There is no need for me to draw a line anymore. Indicator done that for me. Mathematically.
So, how do i try to understand this Mid BB.

It is the place where the decision is being made. Consider it in our daily spending. Below is example with not so accurate value of Iphone

IPHONE MOST EXPENSIVE PRICE : USD 2000 (The price which come from official retail store)
IPHONE AVERAGE PRICE : USD 1500 (Price from other store with certain lack of equipment)
IPHONE CHEAPEST PRICE : USD 1000 (2nd Hand Iphone)

If you are the contrarian, you might be buy or sell at most or cheapest price. If you are the trend follow trader, you will buy or Sell at average price. People is risk averse. Mostly people will choose at the average price. For them it is convenient enough and promising.

That is what my trading style. There is no harm if you are disagree with it. Cause every trader has it own personality and style of trading.




  1. Trendline : Price break trendline (SELL)
  2. Bollinger Band : Price break Mid BB and close below Mid BB (SELL)
  3. Candlestick : CRS forming up (SELL)
  4. SnD : There is a room for price to drop (SELL)


  1. Decision : SELL
  2. SL : High of 2 candle daily before
  3. TP : Demand Area
  4. R:R : 1/3.5

Will keep monitor what kind of candle will be close today

Than may as well just use a 20ema. As for bb maybe different trader got dif understand about bb n using it. For me how to know the candle now price action is up or down. U able to tell from bb the end of the bb line if it curve up mean price is moving up. If the line I’d curved down means the price is pushing down. This email some of the secret of bb which alot of trader don’t know.

When using D1 the price may be below the mid line. It may seem just moving abit. But when go to lower time frame the actual action is big move… So means a lot of pips up n down is involved.That where the trader may die. If the trader short it… But it keep moving up n stop him out… But when move to 1D chart the move is v small.

What does this mean?

There’s no Bollinger Band involved, here, is there?

Do you realise that a “Bollinger Band midline” is just a moving average?

Why are you calling it a “Bollinger Band” when you’re not using the standard deviations?

He did call the thread “Zero Bollinger Band”, and if that means “No Bollinger bands at all”, then it’s a good description. :grin:

(The other possibility is that perhaps he hadn’t appreciated that without the upper and lower bands, it’s just a MA.)

please see the attach picture, sir

Die when your lot is too big. By using higher timeframe, the TF itself filter the sideway and spike of the market. When price may break and project in one direction by breaking the mid BB, then it tell us the break is real with the high volume and velocity.

There always pro and con. Use high TF, but need to reduce the lot. Even SL is 100 pips, as long as the RR is bigger is better.

Upper band and lower band for me is like support and resistance. It tells me the bounce is happening, but by validating the power of price bouncing, i filter it with the break of Mid BB.