Zero or fixed spread broker

Hi , I am NCS I am a newbie here. Wish you all the best on trading and I hope babypips member can give me some advice for newbie like me.
This website is interesting and it provide many info and knowledge for beginner. I been trade on a demo account for a while and found of some issues that I always can’t make money. Really need your guys help… I am keen to fxcm trading station platform but unfortunately I checked with fxcm they do not provide a zero spread or fixed spread market . Any recommendation or advise on zero spread broker or fixed spread broker? Tq

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Hi spicedune!
I used to write broker review articles for a website, so I’ve spent a lot of time studying various conditions and I think I can help you out.
The primary difference seems to be that fixed spreads are always higher than floating spreads. So if you are able to access a 1.5 pip floating spread on EURUSD then the fixed spread would typically be around 3 pips. Of course, the floating spread can higher than the fixed spreads at times, so this is when it would provide the advantage.
Personally, I prefer floating spreads.
If you aren’t seeing profits on your demo it could be due to your strategy or you could try opening one through another broker to see if that’s part of the issue. Try keeping a trading journal to keep better track of your progress on your demo account and you’ll be able to narrow down the problem.
Also, I’ve heard bad things about FXCM lately. The apparently closed out all of their client’s open trades just recently and this isn’t the first time. I would stay away from that broker. If you’d like, I can recommend a few brokers that I know are safe to use.
Anyways, hope this helped and good luck trading!

FXCM has had it’s fair share ridiculously poor business decision making and fraud, and it’s what pushed them out of the US markets. But that’s also required them to become super transparent in all other facets of their business where they still do exist, as the regulators undoubtedly kept a close eye on their other businesses, all the while retaining its memberships with various regulatory entities around the world.

If you believe spreads are impacting your profitable, perhaps changing to a longer-term trading strategy where spreads should have little relevance is better for you.

If you’re looking for a new broker, perhaps check out this discussion. It’s super active.

There’s no such thing as zero spread. And fixed spreads doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than variable spreads.

What is the difference between zero spread and fixed spread brokers? What advantage does it give the trader using zero spreads or fixed spreads?

You should use Tenkofx if that’s what you need. The broker is easy to trade with and you’ll love the fixed spreads. Thank me later. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are on a look out for a low spread broker you can try turnkeyforex. Check out their demo account and see if it fits your trading style.

I do not really advise you to trade with fixed spread accounts because then you miss out on many market opportunities when you could experience really low spreads. I do not think there is any zero spread broker in the market but you can brokers like Coinexx and IC markets that offer really low spreads.