Zig Zag mt4 indicator


I found a webiste called ZZoptions.com today and wanted to know if somebody have used MT4 indicator that they are offering and does it work?

I`ll start testing it myself and share results, but meanwhile I would like to hear some feedback from others.

I know MT4 indicator is quite good . You can use it . There are many good reviews on many websites on MT4 indicator .

Zig zag indicator repaints a lot, I had an experience with this earlier and it keeps on changing its top or bottom point after new candle formation.

I personally approve of that indicator. It is helpful for sure.

First of all, thank you for a great indicator and also for releasing it into the wild for free.

I would like to use your indicator into an EA ( begginer in mql). One of the features i would need is to get last 2 breakouts.

I tried to do it myself so as not to bother you, however no success.

As an example: int prevBr = 1; //where 1 is hi

int lastBr = 0; //where 0 is a low break out

Is this something you would like to add or could you please give me a bit of guidance on how I could achieve this ?

many thanks.