ZigZag and Moving Average

I made this Expert myself. This is a very simple system. The picture shows that when the Zigzag line reaches the moving average, it will enter the market. Secrecy in financial management. The expert calculates the lot based on your preferences. Unprofitable trades are counted separately. The lot for covering them increases.
I’ve been running the test for a while. Now I want to show you.
Wait for the signal and I’ll show you. I will tell you the nuances of the algorithm.

Here was the entrance to Sell. The stop was set at the nearest Maximus. But this is a bad deal. Like most counter-trend trades. Pay attention. There is information in the upper-right corner. This is the amount of losses. I’ll explain later how the expert turns a loss into zero. This is classified information for the expert, but not for you. You will be charmed, it’s very simple.

Nice system, please how can I get access to it

Hello. I recently started talking about the system. And I haven’t told you all my secrets yet. As soon as there are signals, you will learn how to trade your hands correctly. If you need automatic trading, then it costs money.

Another attempt to enter against the trend. Another loss. This system is both on trend and against the trend.
The calculation of total losses is visible in the upper right corner. The next trade will choose the lot that will wipe out these losses. When it will be, I do not know. But I’ll show you when it is.

Come true. The order closed at breakeven. Or rather, part of the order. The other part of the order is a trawl. You can see it in the picture. See how the Deposit has grown. This is my automatic system. I made the algorithm and MQL4 myself. There was also a Buy entry. Now, if the Buy transaction gives a negative result, the loss will be taken into account. The next lot will be higher. And the Deposit will grow again. I’m a good programmer.

Today there was a Sell signal. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a loss. I set this loss in the expert Advisor settings. Agree that 50 cents from 29,000 cents is a drop in the ocean. The Expert will calculate the next lot himself. It will be higher in order to cover the resulting loss.
Another expert Advisor is working on the terminal. This is a system based on two moving averages. A sell order is visible, this is the second expert Advisor.

All three experts are currently working. Opened at about the same price. It doesn’t matter where the market is directed. There will be a profit in any case.

Russian booze doesn’t stop. When you are happy, I will write to you immediately. Now the expert Advisor trades and controls itself. While I’m not here, I get drunk.OK/

Log in to Sell again. We take into account past losses and expect a good profit.
We’re out of drinks today. The Deposit does not give. This pleases. And the fact that the booze is over, too, pleases. Work tomorrow … Oh…

I changed the system a bit. Even radically changed it. I simplified the system. I removed the Moving Average. For her don’t need it. And he combined two separate robots into one. it turned out 5000 profit. And tral gave another 500 cents. i’m calm now. the system works. Now another Sell order has been opened. I’ll keep an eye on him. If you are interested, you can ask in your personal account. Otherwise I am (I apologize for my English) under suspicion. i don’t know how it sounds in english.

So far, I have used so many technical indicators but never found one that is as good as the moving averages. The best part about using it is that it helps in identifying support and resistance levels.

Do you want to engage in controversy? In vain. I have a working system based on moving averages. I use it today and tomorrow. The system is fully automated. I did it myself because I’m a good programmer.