ZIGZAG Push Notifications?

Happy New Year everyone :slight_smile: May every trade be at least a learning experience, haha.

So I’ve dug around a bit and haven’t seen anything specifically… I’m looking for ANY way to get push notifications from the zigzag indicator? I’d like to be notified while I’m out of the house when it draws a new line; ideally by text – which I can get from my email, so that works too.

So far, I’ve downloaded the MT4 android app, which only allows certain indicators on it’s app (not zigzag), and only seems to allow alert notifications for changes to orders… ie. order closed/opened, etc. & I even downloaded teamviewer to remote operate my computer, but that seems to time out so I can’t hear my alert pop-up on the computer while I’m away. I just downloaded that today so I’m still playing with the functions, but I don’t like the idea of remote viewing my comp, I feel like there could be some security risks there if I lose my phone… as I’m apt to do :confused:

Heck, if somebody even has an EA that allows push for an indicator similar to ZIGZAG I might run with that? idk, looking for ideas, hopefully I missed something simple?