Zonas from Nigeria

hi everyone, its nice to be here,i have been using this site for over 6yrs now and i found it very educating, in fact, i got my first comprehension about Forex from the school of Pipsology, which i found very funny and as well comprehensive, i decided to register here officially so i can mingle with fellow traders so we can share ideas and sharpen each other.


Zonas from Nigeria

Holla, Zonas!

Great to meet someone who’s been with us for years! Are you trading live yet?

Yes am trading live

6 years a big time to learn about forex i think 3 months is right

Hey there nomii! How about you? Are you also trading live now?

how long have you been trading live??

A couple of years or so. But it feels like I’ve been trading since the start of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.


Good to see you around.
http://forums.babypips.com/free-forex-trading-systems/57863-z-pattern.htmlTrade Z Patterns.


That’s cool…how long have you been on live trading and how has been your performance?

Are you trading live yet? how is your broker

Checwed out your pattern. very lovely and comprehensive, am going to test run and see whats up…thanks for sharing that. My trading system is also about price action backed up with support and resistance on 4hrs, entries on 1hr.