Zooming very far out of charts

I know there’s like a limit to zoom out in the mt4 charts but is there a way to zoom out even further? Perhaps, a whole 2 week of a minute chart in view without scrolling?

I am not sure you can amend the limits without scrolling. Zoom out as far as possible and what you see is what you get, for the rest you have to scroll. Having said that, when you trade the M1 why do you want to go out two weeks? Makes little sense to me. When you try to trad those small timeframes you usually don’t care for more than maybe the past hour max and even that could be too much.

Either that or buy a 90" PC monitor

He might be trying to find key levels of support/resistance on a longer term basis via the 1M chart? This is how I trade fully zoomed out (or close to it) on 1 or 5 minute chart. It gives a lot more detailed information than a 1H candle would that’s for sure. Basically it’s like trading the 15M or 1H chart except with 1M candles. Potential reversal areas are drastically shrunken with 1M data vs 1H.

To OP zoom out all the way and screen shot 3 or 4 pages then paste all these into paint.

Everyone has a different strategy and as long as it works for you keep doing it regardless of what others think about it.