Zulu Trade signal provider

For the past month I am having some real success with Zulu trade, having made a slow and steady 1,200 pips in March 2012; clawing back my previous Feb 2012 losses which I incurred in learning the ropes as it were.

What Id like to do is to generate signals using the signals as receive (based upon my current portfolio of signal providers).

I know that I can base my signal provider on my demo or real MT4 account - so I guess Id have to base my MT4 account on my signal providers - is this possible?

I have a zulu demo, actual and provider accounts - there must be a way of linking my provider account to my demo or actual account.


What do you guys think is the best broker to use in Zulutrade in terms of having the lowest slippage possible. I’m with Alpari at the mo and I’m experiencing slippage.

The problem with Zulutrade is that they only base their signals on PIPS…that would mean that you could not use many of the more profitable style systems that either hedge or scalp in both directions…

and as you know those systems are not recommended professionally :wink:

Since I’ve been away (just had 2 weeks in south France) I left my Zulu account switched on and trading:

  1. 6 signal provides - to spread my risk. All chosen based upon a low draw down, been trading for a good few weeks and have at least a $1m following.*

  2. all with 150*SL - don’t want to experience the same losses incurred with fx cruise and co-fx who were down 500 pips per trade!

  3. max lot size $0.4 which accounts for 2 trades max each - this prevents the traders from averaging into any one trade with more than 2 at a time - again to mitigate risk - I’ve seen traders average using 5/6 which if they all turned sour would wipe out ones account.*

  4. I never interfere with a signals trades - ie I never close them early or create my own trades to hedge against them - I once tried and lost money.*

My lots are $0.2 so I’m in for $2 per trade.*

Now here’s the insane part - my account balance is only $2,295 so my usual exposure is around 10% if not more - I know money management dictates 2/3% exposure on any one trade…*

My aim here is to share my daily results with you in an attempt learn - with your help - the best way forward:

My results so far - I’ll also show the float, ie amount of trades left open that evening - it’ll give us a feel for how we recovered/turned out the following day:

11th June opening bal $2,295

11th +$203 *- great start almost 10% up * * * *float -$371 - scary since 15% of balance so may end up break even on day?

Cumulative +$203 *Bal $2,497 * * +8.7% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

12th +$26. * * float $0 - up on day and float back to $0, nicely done. Also means we banked yesterday’s profit.*

Cumulative +$229 *Bal $2,524 * * +9.8% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

13th -$173 unusually one of my traders opened up 2 at the same time, same currency which cost me $137!!! Fortunately other trades made +$90 which offset the loss a tad. * float -$136 no real worries here.

Cumulative +$56 *Bal $2,351 * * +2.4% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

14th +$265 a good day, helps resolve yesterday * Float -$288 which could wipe out our day’s profit.

Cumulative +$321 *Bal $2,616 * * +13.8% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

15th -$272 yesterday’s float came home to roost I’m afraid. * Float +$240 makes a great change to have a positive float which also cheers me against today’s loss.*

Cumulative +$49 *Bal $2,344 * * +2.1% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

Week 1 : very up and down - let’s hope next week is better.*

17th +$394 meaning Fridays float came in and then some! * Float -$42 nice

Cumulative +$443 *Bal $2,739 * * +19% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

18th +$121 nice to add to yesterday’s big win. *Float $0

Cumulative +$564 *Bal $2,860 * * +24% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

19th -$1 float -$22 happy to break even so important not to loose

Cumulative +$563 *Bal $2,859 * * +24% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

20th +$163 *float -$100 another good day weary of float though

Cumulative +$726 *Bal $3,021 * * +31% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

21st +$106, yesterday’s float came in at -$34. * Float -$242 not happy with large float

Cumulative +$832 *Bal $3,128 * * +36% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

22nd +$39 float -$246 least part buy and part sell eur/usd - not happy with large float over weekend

Cumulative +$871 *Bal $3,167 * * +37% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

Week 2: a lot better than week - although it’s tempting i do not play with or add to my signals trades. I’ve made my risk management settings.*

I review my trades simply by reading the statement which aaafx email me every morning.*

Lets see how we do next week.*

So why was it that the best (well, supposed best anyway) signal provider crashed so dramatically, what was the problem?

And what are these new commission rules, I can’t find information about them?

Hi Yes…

If you refer to Zulu’s previous best:
Forex Cruise Control

Back in May these guys opened around 6 positions into the same currency, same direction… i.e. they averaged into a loosing situation. What really compounded the issue was a basic lack of management namely:

  1. No SL was implemented - the trades went as low as -500 pips
  2. Rather than call it a day the traders opened up more positions - throwing good money after bad

Hence my new strategy stears well clear from traders who average rather than implement SL whilst opening up no more than 2 trades on one currency


Here’s an update of my perforamce:
27th +$31 float -$34 Float – pleased with result
Cumulative +$143 Bal $2,467 +6.1% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

28th -$52 float -$28 Float – hard work, we’ll be here all day but least it’s steady – trying to set a format going forward – will stick with this for now and see what we learn along the way
Cumulative +$91 Bal $2,415 +3.9% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

29th +$93 float -$39 Float – better – let’s hope that float blows over or is better’d by profits early in the week
Cumulative +$184 Bal $2,508 +7.9% (open bal $2,325 11th Jun)

My current team are:
Yamato FX ver.A
BigTen4EX (recent addition)

My settings are:

  1. SL 150 (basic management)
  2. 0.1 std lots – i.e. 1 pip = $1 - at $2,400 std lots = 0.1 - will increase std lots to 0.11 once reach balance $2,600 (hopefully)
  3. Max open lots = 0.2 – i.e. no more than 2 trades per SP (stops averaging – although my SP should not be averaging anyhow)
    Recent changes:
    I dropped “for333” recently on the grounds of averaging – if you look at his recent history for333 did very well and his average 6 positios paid off handsomely – BUT please be aware that this is not the point – for333’s positions could just have easily gone the wrong way and then your facing the wipe out that ruined co-fx-24 and forex cruise.
    Forex is about steady gains, not gains at any cost – otherwise it’s more like gambling and you will loose your capital.
    Thank you - Sean

it is not about the number of trades but actually on supporting a strong exit strategy, this what happened with FCC.

Here are some good signal providers whom I’ve had good (green pip) results with:

Acute FX - ZuluTrade - Signal Provider Performance - Acute FX
TradeGuru - ZuluTrade - Signal Provider Performance - TradeGuru
SMV vs FOREX - ZuluTrade - Signal Provider Performance - SMV vs FOREX

I’ll keep them coming as I find them :slight_smile:

you do that keep these signals coming, I am always happy to read followers posting signals.
btw check the alchemy settings, you can find some new hidden treasures.

Acute - only 2 weeks - darent bro


And open max.22 positions at a time,
Stop loss suggested at 200 pips? wow…
Highest drawdown in a trade is around 150 pips…hmmm

I’ll definitely pass this guy.

70 EUR USD can be potentially good in future, provided he consistently trades like at the moment
ZuluTrade - Signal Provider Performance - 70 EUR USD

Im doing my update tomorrow - my traders are playing out fine… Ive up’d my std lot size in accordance with my balance - not great shakes but I’m being careful…


Another potential good SP who practices proper risk reward ratio:
Yankee Headline
Max. DD in a trade: 58 pips
Avg Win vs avg Loss: 102.6 vs. 28.2 pips
Max. open position: 1

ZuluTrade - Signal Provider Performance - Yankee Headline

I personally prefer relatively new SP (>3 running weeks) rather than those old and established ones, because they are more motivated to prove that they’re good traders so they can climb the ranking. However, I need to scrutinize every single trade in their trade record, to make sure they exercise proper trading behavior (e.g. putting stop loss, let profit run, good RR).

Sys_box is on my watch list

  • Avg win/loss: 47.1/-35.2 (Risk Reward of 1:1.33)
  • Max DD in a trade: 54 pips
  • Stop loss: 40-60 pips

ZuluTrade - Signal Provider Performance - Sys_box

Please see my latest performance and advice on:

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