Zulutrade affiliate program reviews - is it possible to make commissions?

I use zulutrade copytrading. I like their platform - you could easily receive the profit just by copying signals. Sometimes I get questions about where to invest. It is clear when we are talking about big numbers - I refer them to the professional consultants. But if they have just a few thousands - you don’t have much to chose from. However not that long ago I found out that zulutrade has an affiliate program. As far as I understood, if somebody registers following my link and starts copying the signals - I will get partnership commission,
I’ve never done online clients attraction, but I know that i is a separate job. That’s why I have a question here - how much is it possible to make from the attracted clients and is it worth it?)
I like to use Instagram and facebook, can I promote them there too?

Usually people make some profit on affiliate programs only if they know how to generate clients from traffic. They are online marketers, webmasters, blogs owners and so on. If you try to invite people offline as refferals - this could possibly give some results, but probably not too much. If you are really interested in it and you have some free time, then I would recommend you to create a blog and write there about your zulutrade experience. You can share the link to this blog with your friends (instead of repeating the same information all over and over again). But also it is possible to be advertised on the internet. But I will emphasize once again - this track can lead you to a totally different world…You will learn what PPC is, CPM, CPA, LTV, ROI, RevShare and so on :smiley:
For social media, you need to contact zulutrade affiliate support before you do something, they usualy have guidelines to follow, ask them…

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I don’t know yet if I’m ready to make a blog. It seems to be complicated. But if somebody works with zulutrade affiliate - let me know if I can make something out of it :slight_smile: Maybe it makes sense to start small and see how it’s going…
I’ll contact support to check if I can promote them with my FB and Instagram account, you are right.

All the stories from the people who joined the affiliate programs started the same way…I mean those, whom I know. You recommend the company to your friends or acquaintances, receive the first registrations. Then you do your first money withdrawn. And then you think ““why don’t you make some extra income out of it?””.

That is why I wouldn’t hesitate, as you can share the affiliate link to the company in social media as a cinch. It will take you like 10 minutes. And then you will see how people start reacting. It is important here to deliver this recommendation not as a commercial, but rather than a recommendation from a friend. Because we all know hundreds of network marketing fanatics examples. This looks very annoying from them, don’t do anything like this.

You are certainly right to some extent. But anyway we shouldn’t forget, that in order to receive constant payments - usually you need to fulfill certain program requirements. If we take a look at zulutrade affiliate program, in that case, you need to bring at least one referral once in 3 months. Only, in that case, you will get the commission. What I mean is you shouldn’t think that if you bring 20 people during the first 3 months - you will get lifetime commission for them. You will need to stay active in order to continue to get the commission.

I’ve asked about social media. Yes, you can promote the service through your personal pages. But there are certain rules. For example, you can not exaggerate in your posts. Or use a sort of aggressive call-to-action in your texts. The thing is that they watch their partners do not abuse by different advertisement methods and even can reject the withdrawn if you break their rules. It is better to send the advertisement materials if you are not sure, that they will meet all the requirements.

It is clear that you should always stay active. I’ve read the affiliate partnership agreement. 1 referral in 3 months - this is only in a certain case. They have groups of brokers with higher commissions. As far as I understand if your referral opens an account with a broker from this group, your commission will be charged in a different way (with better conditions). And there are 3 levels of commissions . On the most profitable level, you need to bring up to 11 new clients, in order to have the commission $10/lot which is fair compared to other commissions paid from similar programs, they usually offer $5 to $7 per lot. And evaluation period - not 3 months, but fixed dates ( January 1, April 1 and so on).

But it doesn’t change a sense of my advice. If you will have referrals from the general recommendations, in this case, you can start thinking about the strategy. How to attract a new client, what kind of commercials you can also use and so on…I’m for trying it first, to see the result, an then think how to make the process better. Just thinking about it forever and ever will not bring you anywhere.

jonons, you wrote earlier that you are using zulutrade copy trading service. Can you tell about it in details from the standpoint of the affiliate program? I’m wondering why they don’t have a CPA.

Copy trading has many advantages. But if we are looking at it from the revshare viewpoint, I think that the most important benefits are those, which allow clients to stay longer with their money and multiply it.
I would highlight two specifics. Zuluguard and Automator. The first one allows saving the deposit if trader from whom you are copying the deals deviated from the original strategy. ZuluGuard will notify you about it and also can close your orders.
Automator- this is an instrument, which allows setting the certain rules in the format “if this then that”. From the client’s point of view, it will enable saving a lot of time on some routine tasks. Let’s suppose that you are not ready with your strategy to let your deposit go below 2000 dollars. You set up the rule, which will notify you in such case. You can also set automator to close your positionsautomatically :wink:

Have you tried these two functions?

No. I’m using only zuluguard. I don’t need Automator. I’m a type of person, who like to control everything=) But if we are talking about the guard, it saved me once. One of the traders decided to use a more risky strategy. guard sent me notification. As a result, I stopped following its signals. And I was right. Traders drawdown was around 40%. In the end, he was recovered, but I have made a profit with another trader during that time.

What about the payments in the affiliate program? How many times can you make withdrawals, white kind of limits do they have? What kind of payments methods do they support?

They support bank wire transfer, PayPal and ZuluTrade Mastercard. Except ZuluTrade Mastercard can be issued nor for everyone (as far as I understood this is mostly applied for Europeans). There is a different commission for each option. On the official website, it’s written, that the commission for wire transfer is 30 or 45 USD. But based on my experience I can say, that the bank can take some additional charges. That is why it is better to check with the bank in advance about the wire transfer rules.
The pro is that you can withdraw from 100 dollars.

Yes, this wire transfer is a piece of work. I had to pay extra a couple of times because the banks can not figure out how much commission to take and from whom. I hope everyone will be switched on blockchain technologies and we won’t have this hell of commissions :smiley:

I registered in Zulutarde affiliate program. What kind of section is this - aaafx banners?

honestly this thread is like watching 1 guy talking about bananas and the other guy answering “yes apples are red”

so what do you want to know as you asked one question on two things.

you asked about copy trade and affiliate program.

those are 2 different things…

the affiliate program means you refer somebody to zulutrade and they pay you a fee of the commissions and spreads that person is generating to zulutrade.

copy trade program is simply that you apply as a professional trader and zulutrade can give you clients who then chose to copy your trades, and you earn a percentage of what they earn from your trades (a comission for you on profits).

what is it that you would like to know exactly now about those 2 things?

As far as I understood AAFX broker is directly connected with zulutrade. And it’s logical that they unify the affiliate program. Conditionally these are two complementary brands. Zulutrade provides copy trading services and at the same time has its own broker – Aaafx.

Got you! Wondering what was created first aafx or zulutrade =)

No-no, everything is fine, I just asked jonons his impressions about the deals copying service in ZuluTrade. I’m interested in this topic for a while, but the trader’s part is not my strong side, and jonons were using it, that’s why I was curious :slight_smile:
Generally, we discuss only the affiliate program, but! In the affiliate program, you promote the service and based on how good it depends on how difficult or easy it is going to be for you to promote it. And with the same CPA model, I had to understand why it’s not there – so exactly as I was thinking the thing was in ZuluTrade attitude to the service provision.

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And what is your impression? Can you make any conclusions after 2 months?