Zurich Prime is a good option

I have been searching for a good ecn broker for a long time. Nothing has ticked all the boxes for me until Zurich Prime. I have been trading with them for two years and I’ve not had any issues with them as a company. There can be slight slippage every now and again but it’s not the end of the world.
They are very good at communication - if you call them there’s always somebody to help. Customer support is top notch. And I mean top notch. I get responses to my e-mail in minutes or an hour max, including redemption requests which are met the next day. Personalized e-mails and it seems their manager also actually replies to them.
I have had no connection issues with Zurich Prime as I have a good VPS in London. Execution has been 0.258 seconds on average. They process withdrawals faster than my other brokers.

My only cringe –Zurich Prime does not accept Paypal method, Paypal is not the best payment method but it’s very popular and the broker should have it. That’s only thing I need my broker improve, the rest is perfect.