zZz Journal creating strategy for me

I will create my journal to documentation my trader

Excellent. I hope you have a lot of success with it.

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win : 0
Loss : 1

Win : 0
Loss : 2

Good luck with your journey.


It looks like you’re following a strategy which is based on hope. Maybe you’ll get a dramatic winner at some point but in the meantime the small losses can really accumulate.

How are you entering - live buy/sell or by pre-set order?

yes, this strategy have high reward, but low win rate. Can you tell me why this strategy base on hope, i think this is based on candle?

I am entering with Limit Order to make risk smaller. But on that picture i don’t use it.

My account growth fast enough with gambling(lol), and comeback to initial balance. After that 7 x balance, my friend call it gambling because higher 5% risk

In this journal, i want to know this strategy win rate.

What I mean by hope is low probability. I wouldn’t call it gambling. There isn’t a right or wrong way but each different way you choose has a cost. So you might take a very high risk on a very high probability trade. Or you could take a very low risk on a very low probability trade. Waiting for confirmation by setting an order ahead of price is a good way to increase probability.

Im gonna agree with you on this one. Speculating with such a tight stop trying to pick tops and bottoms on a friday at round numbers, on a pair which by nature is highly volatile, pitch hitting in the dark brother.

@zZzTraderzZz call it what you like, but you balance never lies

It looks like you’re trading on your phone.

Maybe for you it will work, but I think you should have a larger screen. Use a desktop or laptop computer, and you can see the charts better.

You can draw your trend lines, split charts, etc.

Just a suggestion.

Best of luck to you

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i agree, i can’t trade on the phone as well

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At first, I wasn’t trading on my laptop–just on my phone. I had a few wins, and I thought, “Wow this is easy! I don’t even need a laptop!”

Silly me. Soon after reality hit me. Haha.

Now, I do my work on my laptop. However, I do monitor my non-TP trades on my phone for manual closings.

I still get the impulse to open trades on my phone, and most of them hit the SL. I’m trying to kick the habit of opening positions on my phone, unless it’s part of a plan and I’ve already done my analysis on my laptop.

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W = 0
L = 2

I don’t trade trend line, the past year it’s not working for me . I just using multiple moving average, I am trying to use candle in h1 in this journal

Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?
W = 0
L = 3

Hope you get better returns!

Waiting to buy on eurjpy , I see the same pattern just like the last trade. Thanks for advice not to take position on Friday. See on Monday