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    Quote Originally Posted by purplepatchforex View Post
    Yes, I'm trying to pull a strategy so I can just trade the numbers using 20, 80 and 50, and by using market structure and keeping an eye on the HTF, I mean look at how that 80 level came into play.

    I'm at the observation stage, I'm still doing actual trading with my StochRSI, pivots and Fib, but I'm always after the easiest strategy, some people want optimum profits, some people want optimum time, I want optimum easiness

    Anyone else interested? Maybe start a thread?
    sounds interesting PPfx. Your StocRSI indicator I find of value. Do you ever use it was a trigger to take profits? Below is a trade I took last night (Human time is GMT+8, Server Time is GMT+3)

    My entry signal is the first entry into the white box enclosed by the green. ie OTE 70.5 and StocRSI . Got the first and missed the second by less than a pip. Profit target 30 pips, although thinking about using STocRSI with tight trailing stop in future to extend this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rod178 View Post
    sounds interesting PPfx. Your StocRSI indicator I find of value. Do you ever use it was a trigger to take profits?
    No never, you really can't use it for anything on the barely related to countertrending.

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    Interesting to see your feed has gunned the stops.. was looking for that to happen, but my feed never took out the stops.. Interesting but frustrating at times how different brokers have different prices, especially if it influenced the technicals

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    Quote Originally Posted by sladhaFX View Post
    Anticipating a stop raid may have gotten you short on Fiber, good for at least 30 pips:

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    Okay guys, I haven't traded at all for the past couple weeks. Back into it tonight. I'll be documenting my trades like I said I would; win or lose.

    Currently I'm looking for a long on the Euro around 1.3030, if I get a good entry signal. If not, I'll probably wait for a retest of yesterday's or Sunday's low around the 1.3020, 1.3000 level. Looking to nab 20, maybe 30 pips out of the deal before bedtime.

    Also - note the 79.65 level on the USDX. Price has retested it 3 times, and hasn't broken it. If we get a bounce off that level again tonight I'll be even more confident in my long (also, hopefully it'll give me a USDX divergence with the euro for confirmation on my entry. I guess we'll see!)

    As foe the pound, I don't really see much in the way of exciting entries - maybe a retest of the 1.6000 level could give me a bounce for 20-30 pips. If we break that level, I'll probably take a long at 1.5985 or so - a turtle soup entry using Sunday's low as the support level

    I'll be back with an update within a couple hours. We'll see how this goes! (Watch, now I'm going to have a massive string of losses)

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    Just watched TDPS5 - excellent. Tied everything together in a really clear way. ICT - thank-you. Look forward to TDPS6. Great stuff.

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    With the bearish momentum in GU atm and also divergence in Yield's. I'm looking for a short position.
    But before i trigger a shor trade, wanted to know something about the stop raid's to build up the liquidity.

    As you can see in the chart's, price was shooting down past few day's, so do we expect a upmove to take out the stop's and then shoot down ?

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    Update - not enough confirmation for me to take a long trade on the Euro or Pound, and I'm getting sleepy because I stayed up too late. I'm calling it a night a little bit early, and we'll see what New York brings!

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    Can someone explain to me the current eruo futures chart. I'm not sure what I'm looking at here. When I look at the dollar index in light of OI, COT, and Price it looks like we are in a bullish scenario. Also when I look at the pound futures chart it looks like we are in the process of a continued sell off. But when I look at the euro chart it looks more like were in a bull flag scenario. We had a large drop off in OI in a bullish price movement and price coming down to support. But we see the same thing in the dollar index? This is just taking the futures chart into consideration, but I'm confused by this. Can anyone explain.

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    M15 fibre attached. OTEs highlighted in blue. Red highlight is the OTE for short. The blue outline square is today London session .

    But I did not have any reason to take this short . Does anyone see any entry here? Is there any way you can make out the market structure?

    EU hasn't broken low of yest but USD index did break the high. Same with cable.

    But offlate the SMT divergence , Ihave noticed often , ends up being , a non SMt div and u have to take a SL hit.

    So does any one have any ideas about something I may have missed here. And no , I am keeping a track of the yields.
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    Check my posts, I am riding this down on Aussie, fiber and cable...

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