10,000 Babypips Post Read

It’s not something usual here on Babypips shitposting hallmarks but it’s pretty unlikely for me. Today i reached the 10,000 posts read on Babypips; while this post might look awkward to you, it’s something of significancy as every one of y’alls posts has been of great contribution and addition to my trading literacy — they can’t be underemphasized.

What’s your postread counts?


Mine is only 4,500, to my surprise. But I think I’ve probably also read three or four times that while not logged in, so those maybe aren’t included in the figure?


Mine is 80k, but I’ve been here a while.


I was surprised. I must love this forum.


Wow, that’s definitely a milestone. How would you rate this era of Babypips communers from 10yrs ago?

I’m just 1/3 away in getting to 30k. Everyone knows you’re of notable figure in these modern era of Babypips community.

You seems like someone who don’t like indulging in conversations. You’ve been here for a long time, you should have gone past that.


Still at the beginning of my journey it seems…Although it’s been 2 and half years, I haven’t spent enough time exploring… This is actually a reminder of that.


I wasn’t here 10 years ago, but have definitely seen a lot of members come and go.

Bots have always been here, they’re just smarter now :upside_down_face:


Happy 10K @ayodimej1! :blush: I don’t think we’ve interacted a lot but I hope we get to be friends! :smiley: As for my stats, I guess it’s obvious that I love being here. :sweat_smile: 81.3k posts read?! I had to do a double take cause I thought it was 8.13k.


I feel like the numbered items on their posts kinda give them away now, though? :sweat_smile: ChatGPT format.

You’re doing great @Mithu22! :blush: I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while (I must have just missed you) but I hope you’re doing great. :blush:

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Feel good sis, Babypips is fun and has lots to offer. It’s been 5months since you’ve interacted here, would you mind sharing with us what this 5months of been away is like from your end, perhaps your other explorations outside Babypips?

Welcome back! :wine_glass:

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I’ve seen some members come and go too. As regards bots, i don’t think this kinda topic will be relevant to them as their missions as evident all across forums don’t take them through a journey of mileage achievements — some who were lucky to survive the barricade of suspension will still have trouble having an allround interaction.

You’ve been around here for a while and while you might not really remember, we have interacted but not that much and the name @ria_rose always rings a bell.

You were among the few who had me welcomed my first time with Babypips. I could still remember couple of names and it’s cool.

No surprise, where better than Babypips to spend your time learning about trading?

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This is just my gut feeling, and I may be wrong, but I recollect that new members seemed to be more patient in earlier years, and most prevalent today is the expectation of instant gratification for little or no work. That is not to say all members are like that, but I put it down to social media influencers, modern politicians, and many mid level managers in the western world who seem to have reached their level of incompetence far more quickly than in earlier years.

Call me old fashioned (because I am) but I happen to think that to be successful in Forex you probably need to practice about 4,000 to 40,000 hours. If you take an average full time job as 2,000 hours per year (these days it is probably much less than that) then this equates to between 2 years and 20 years of practical experience. That is about the same as an intern doctor exiting his internship, to a surgeon of renown in his field of specialisation. And that is not surprising.

The dream is sold to innocent believers by society as a whole, sometimes dragging in parents and close relatives to “living the dream”. Just do well at school and your future will be secure. I have never subscribed to that belief system and argued against it since the age of 16.

That is just my opinion. My dear departed wife used to say “I trust nobody - not even myself” and she and I were totally aligned with that belief system.
:pray: :pray:


Flattery will get you everywhere. :rofl:


Congrats on reaching 10,000 posts read! As for me, it’s almost 15k now.



Yay! 80k posts read is impressive! We’ve been here for the same year, and I’m only about to reach 15k! :sweat_smile:

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