10% a day? SGD 1,000 to SGD 100,000 in 50 days?

Just trying out this new EA.

Journaling here for reference.

Initial deposit: SGD 1,000.

Day 1:

Target: SGD 100.
Actual: SGD 282.14

Closing Balance: SGD 1,282.14.

Day 2:

Target: SGD 128.22

Current: SGD 138.28
Current Balance: SGD 1,420.42

Did you pay for the EA? Be interested to see long term results on it so I’ll follow. What is the average daily DD like?

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Hi Cashisking86. I created the EA actually.

I forgot my login for myfxbook, but I loaded this on fxblue, you can search users/kovantrader.

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Day 2:

Target: SGD 128.22

Current: SGD 242.61
Current Balance: SGD 1,524.75

Which broker are you using in Singapore? Best of luck !

Hi Roland, I am using Pepperstone. A friend recommended it and since I haven’t had any massive issues with it, I stuck with it. Do you have better recommendations? Thank you!

I’m currently using IG & Saxo here in Singapore, but also use a few brokers in the states as well. I’ve heard of Pepperstone before just never tried them out. Your doing only forex with this EA or others instruments as well?

Forex only. :slight_smile:

Day 2:

Target: SGD 128.22

Current Balance: SGD 2,047.49

Good day.

I notice there is a limit to how many posts one can make a day?

Day 3 target: SGD 205

Day 3

Current Balance: SGD 2329.37

Nice work! Will be interested to see how it gets on.

Will journal at another site where they provide a tracker and no post restrictions!

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