10 Pips and 10 percent a day Trade Journal

that a real account or demo? and if u only targeting 10 pips why not have a broader range pairs related? pound is unreliable as it can spike 10 20 30 pips and then go the other way, specially now with brexit and all that crap. it s doable but i think 1lot is enough till u gonna grow the account a bit more, it s what i d do with high risk high reward. cheers

10% a month is my aim! Not surprised you have found it hard but congratulations on great results so far!


My Real account mirror this demo account I setup with 1,000 Deposit So am showing the profit on the demo terminal but i do the same on live.

Your right about GBP spikes but my trading hours complements the London session. other pairs move in USA session and Asian but Im looking at the USDCAD and USDJPY

have a great weekend and thanks for your comments

10% a month is can be done the same way just reduce the lot size, i’m trading high lots 0.1 lot per hundred (1 lot per 1,000) as the deposit increases I increase the lot size. Target pips is the same lot sizes increases over time.

Have a great weekend thanks for your interest

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i know what u mean, ussually early session asia or premarket london they make the high of the day or low(if u expect bearish prices then it s gonna make the high first and then roll over). atleast most of the times so u can capitalize on that nicely plus way less drawdown if ur dir is correct and u r on the spot.
i like scalping sometimes as well, but according to higher timeframes to milk the market as much as possible, specially if u have a catalist(news) entry on 5m

example just now
here s another scalp on gold just now

stay green cheers

Have a great weekend too :slight_smile:

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Ok so new week, A trade setup did present itself but I was AFK and missed it it would have given 24 pips in total and hit the 10 pip target in 30 mins.

I did not want to jump in mid way.

Did a sell trade I closed it manually at 5 pips with the lot size of 1.5 Lots. The price bounced of S1 and looked like it could reverse. It did move down 17 pips is total. But I took the 5 and will wait for the next setup.

So 5 pips at 1.50 Lot is $75 profit for this trade, I will try for next setup to get another 5 and hit the 10 pip target.

Please ignore the 0.10 lot trades they are for a fast scalping system that I am testing.

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Only got 1 trade in today and closed it a bit early got 5 pips

here is the current summary:


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nice dude. stay green

Right let me explain this

  1. Ignore all the 0.1 lot trades they are on a new system I am testing
  2. I usually trade using the keyboard but today i used the mouse and click buy instead of sell and opened sell with 0.5 lots instead of 1.5 lots

I trade using the keyboard , I preset the lot sizes TP SL and buy sell buttons are far apart. This mouse messed me up.

Anyway The system delivered a 20.4 pip win I set the TP at the S1 Support line and hit aided with the help of the GBP CPI Data.

Lot size was 1.5 Lots profit of $304.50

Note : Normally I would close all trades before new but I had a 10 pip profit margin before the news I took the chance.

Here is the summary for today :


I did not trade Thursday and Friday Will start again on this Monday

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Good luck to us this week @Snipe2020! :smiley: Definitely looking forward to your trades this week. :blush:

Waited all day for a Sell trade the 5M Scalper Pro was not in sync when it finally was it gave a signal and in one candle it closed at 6.8 pips profit. I closed at the support line

Lots size was 2 lots profit $134.00 I will wait for another trade

Please ignore the 0.10 lot trades they belong to a fast scalping strategy I am testing

The 5m ScalperPro has turned buy and i don think I will get another signal before New York open in 30 mins

I will post the current results and see what tomorrow brings.

Did two trades today 8.8 pips and 10.5 pips

Profit was $378 lot size 2.0 lots (Shows less due to some 0.10 lot trades i did as Im testing a fast scalping system)

Update so far

Hello All

After using this system for some time and showing the results here which are good results as expected very high risk and very high reward. Its ok but too slow I find myself getting tired of waiting and seeing missed opportunities.

I have been testing a Fast Scalper system which I want to spend more time with I will stop logging this system now.

Next week I hope to start logging the Fast Scalping system.

NEW SYSTEM - This is based on grabbing more then ten pips per day

The idea behind this system is two fold

  1. Get more entries
  2. Better in ranging markets

1M Chart, uses MACD, CCI Histogram, Moving Average 60 LWMA and 300 LWMA also two custom indicators which just show the higher time-frame 5m and 15M, just so I don’t need to keep switching time-frame.

First Day 3 trades so far I did 0.01 and 0.5 but I should be doing 0.5

Deposit is 1000 USD and Lot size is 0.5 the (0.01 trades I forget to change the lot size on)

The Idea is to scalp the entire London Session keep going no 10 pip day limit.

THIS IS ON DEMO ACCOUNT FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS - I will continue to use the previous system on the live account but will not be logging it