10 pips / day (NBoP)

I would like to share my signals with everyone. This will bring you 10 pips / day.

What means NBoP ? No Bull$hit or Promises :slight_smile:

Strategy is very simple: 2 EMAs, one applied to close and one to open. Signals are triggered by MACD.

I will get back soon with entry points.


Actually this is technically, though perhaps not legally a promise. Perhaps NB rather than NBoP

Well, I can’t promise anything. It’s just my strategy without annoying people.


I like your attitude, i’ll look forward to results…

Guy on FF had a same sort of method: 2ma’s & MACD. We would only take 10-15 pips while profit potential was way higher, but his winrate was about 95% and he traded 15-20 pairs (total of 2-3 trades a day I believe) Succesvol trader…

Good luck;)

Well I just want to show that simplest techniques with simplest indicators bring constant profit with small risk.

I’m really looking forward to this one :wink: Sounds like it’s right up my alley. When I was first looking at 4X, I was looking at the charts and saying to myself, “What if I could just get 10-15 PIPs/day consistantly…?”

Can u explain this method in more detail???

Short position opened @ 1.4710 @ 07.49 GMT (8 lots)
No stop loss.

Signal was triggered, alarm was on so I entered earlier than usually.
But as you will see it was all I needed because EUR/USD was heading 1.4700 so I took that level as first support (because EUR/USD is always finding support around round numbers .00 .50), it was a little risky because I was only 10 pips away from .00 level (where it can jump). So I can’t profit from 10 pips and I entered with 8 lots for 7 pips profit.

I opened the position at 07.49 GMT with 8 lots for 7 pips profit. Why 7 pips ? Because 1.4710 - 7 pips = 1.4703 minus spread 0-1-2 it keeps me relaxed because the BID price won’t hit 1.4700 on my order.

@ 07.59 GMT EUR/USD Exit @ 1.4703

7 pips x 8 lots x 10 usd/pip = $560 profit for today. If you want to be smarter than me you would enter with a 5 pip profit target and you would have $400 profit in less time.

If I were a conservative I would close everything for the rest of the week because this trade was as much as 5 trades of $100. But I consider this only one trade as a usual day and I will continue my search for new perfect signals.

Video of the trade can be found on my blog.

Hello again,

Today I missed a opportunity @ 7.30 GMT when USD/CHF retraced a little after turning those EMAs. I expected this to happen, my indicators warned me there is a good chance to gain another 10 pips, but I wasn’t on the chart on that moment so I lost it. And I never enter a trade if it’s out of my strategy. I know if I do this mistake it will turn against me faster than I think. And I know what I am talking about because you can see from the picture that it turned up strongly over 40 pips.

If you ever let your position open hopping that the pair will get back on your favor YOU ARE WRONG ! The big guys know the psychology of traders and that the majority think this way and that’s why it goes against :slight_smile: to eat your stop losses or to get as much as they can from your balance :slight_smile:

Now, about the trade, I should have enter at the close bar (@7.30 gmt) where I put the Aqua triangle and I would have got 10 pips in less than 10 minutes.

But, that’s life, I’m looking for other opportunities and I know there are many so I don’t mind :slight_smile: I must be relaxed and entertained, otherwise I will bait not hunter :smiley:

Good day everyone and I will get back if some signals are triggered.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this post since it first started and am still waiting for someone to actually explain the strategy… Anyone going to do so?

Well it’s pretty hard to understand people who quote other people than the ones they should :slight_smile:

System is very simple, filtered by other indicators, as follows:

  • Timeframe: 30M
  • 8 EMA (applied to Close) & 13 EMA (applied to Open)
  • Trend lines & Regression channels to help spotting intraday breakouts
  • 8 %R (levels -80 and -20 visible) over 13 RSI (applied to Open)
  • MACD (13, 21, 8)


  1. EMAs cross
  2. MACD goes above or bellow 0 level
  3. Spot a break of a trendline or regression chan

Rules of entry:

  • Always at the close of the candle.
  • For long: candles must be above the 2 EMAs (for short: bellow)
  • Entry candle must break or be above/bellow the trendline or regression channel.
  • %R must be bellow -20 for long and above -80 for short
  • Entry must be placed at maximum 4 MACD bars since MACD turned up or down.

I attached a screenshot from today’s signal. This kind of signals are happening everyday.

Good day !


:smiley: Thanks for explaining. The reason I quoted Piphacker is because they had asked if someone could explain the system and it never happened. I suppose I could have either quoted no one or the first post…

Thanks again for the explaination.

Ah, I forgot one important thing.

Stop loss:

  • SL @ 10 pips (+ your broker’ spread) above the high of entry candle for short and bellow the low of entry candle for long. I never risk more than 10 pips.

Hello everyone,

I’m back with today’s trade:

Here it is:

Signal triggered first by crossing EMAs, breaking the trendline and then MACD and finally %R. All confirmed, that was a 100% sure trade. This is what I want people to understand, perfect setups happen everyday, you must be present when they happen and that’s all, the market does the rest. If you feel 10 pips target gives you some kind of fear, no problem enter for 5 pips target with 2 lots, it’s the same thing :wink:

Another 10 pips profit for today, that means another $100. And I was among first ones who cashed in :smiley: Trading hour was good. That was all for today, I let other traders to take the rest of the cake. I can go out now and have a tea :slight_smile:

Hello again everyone,

Today was an exceptional day for trading, specially with my strategy and the move the GBP/USD did 1 hour and half ago.

Here is the trade for today:

It went more than 30 pips but why to take from other’s stake, everyone should live :smiley:

I entered with 5 lots because the signal was Perfect and it was sure shot.

So another 10 pips for today but multiplied with 5 it gave me another $500. So the waiting since Feb 26th was worth it.

Happy weekend and don’t forget to Close your trades today.

Iam a begginer, and don’t understand your set up in Filters, it is said “8%R (levels-80 -20 visible) over 13 RSI”. Is this a set up for RSI? what is the numbers for it and what is % mean. Please help me to understand. Thank You

This Topic is not a “school type” one.

You must acquire some knowledge before asking to understand systems and strategies, otherwise you will see yourself throwing money on nothing.

When you will learn the simplest and most common indicators you will understand some things.

Btw, have you read already Babypips School section ?

Hello friends,

We had today 2 signals, 2 opportunities that gave another 30 pips of profit.

Here they are:

BUY @ 1.9861, 2 lots, profit target: 1.9871
Time of trade to reach target: 5 Minutes
Target reached @ 1.9871
Profit: 10 pips x 2 lots = 10 pips x 10 usd per pip x 2 lots = $200 USD

And second trade was minutes ago from this moment when USD/JPY made a move, I saw MACD turning upside and %R was under -20 so perfect signal. Here it is:

BUY @ 103.37 + 10 pips profit target = Exict @ 103.47 in 5 minutes.

So today I did more than I had in plan, 10 pips x 2 lots from first one and 10 pips from second equals 30 pips and a profit of $300 USD.

Platform used for charts: MigFX

If more signals are triggered I will be back to show you.

Good day.

Hello again my friends,

I would like to share with you today a missed trade but from my perspective was a smart move.

Here is the chart and bellow it a small commentary about it:

Hour was 7.30AM GMT, proper time, good signal, MACD turned down, %R was above -80 level, I was ready to open a position at 103.16 for 10 pips, SL @ 103.42, [B]BUT[/B] one thing didn’t fit over there, and that is the movement didn’t break the regression channel, so for me that’s a sign there is a possibility to retrace a little (and for UY, EY or GY a little means at least 30 pps). And as you can see it moved back to 103.47 so would have eaten my stop loss going over it with 5 pips.

So I missed this trade, but I don’t mind, I saved 10 pips. I’m sure there will be more soon. For example: EUR/USD and GBP/USD are ranging right now and I’m sure they will go somewhere soon, so I expect it to happen and if I’m there I will take my 10 pips of glory :smiley:

Regards and happy pipin’ :slight_smile:

Hello PIPology

I’m testing your system for 2 days in a row now and confirm that it works.
It is amazing how these simple indicators can produce stable results.

Thanks a lot for your efforts and for sharing your system!