10 pips / day (NBoP)

It may or may not work, I have no idea but if you think 2 days is an adequate test then you are in for a rude awakening

I don’t need in my topic this kind of attitude or negative energy. If you feel like you have nothing to do just look somewhere else and post there, I didn’t open this thread to bluff or lure people like many do. This topic is for positive people who can find harmony in trading.



maybe I should have written more clearly before hitting the send-button.
I am fully aware that a sample size of 2 days is not enough to get sufficient statistical proof for or against a system

We also know that no system can promise always and steady gains- we don’t live in a perfect market and there are too many uncontrollable factors involved.

PIPology’s approach however is straight and logical by using basic simple indicators, which at least in my limited view and knowledge appeares to have a higher probability of winning trades against losing trades.


Fair enough, and thats the point Andreas. There are many people on the site who have little idea and who dont seem to get the importance of testing and reliability in different markets. Its rather painful to watch them lose their money and lament about what happened. Glad you are not in that boat and wish you well with the trading

As for you I think you should keep [B]YOUR[/B] negative comments to yourself. My post was not directed at you, for the record although you may be the thread starter you do not own it ie it is not YOUR thread, it is a site directed at mutual learning and within that there is nothing at all negative about pointing out the sort of work that needs to be done to validate a method. If I see someone potentially getting that wrong then in the spirit of the site I am going to point that out. However Andreas has already clairfied he understands the issues and now that exchange is available to anyone who comes across it and if it helps put one person in the right direction then it was worthwhile. Seems like you have an attitude problem fella

Tony and PIPology

no need to argue about wording, really:)
I did not post specific enough at the first place and Tony gave a well-meant advice not to act blue-eyed when dealing with a system.

Tony is right when pointing out that there are too many starters who blindly believe to get rich once they apply a trading system.


I catched another 20 pips today with your system on the EUR/USD trade.
Thanks again for your efforts to bring this system alive!

Happy pips-hunting, Gents!


Dear “fella”,
People like you are everywhere on the internet, forums, boards, communities and they are called time wasters in my vision. You spend so much time on the internet that you don’t make the difference between good and bad, you are paranoic and stressed out if you are staying to analyze everything and POINT OUT the “problems”. I know you have no strategy and still after thousands of posts in your profile you didn’t find that holly grail you are searching, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

If I wanted to deal with more people like you I would have post on BIG forums, but I started here to share even with beginners the concept of “SIMPLE, FAST and EASY”, but I guess you are far from these words, you’re an Expert, right ? bwhahaha

I will get back with today’s trades if there are any, and if this person still posts here I will move to another forum. As I said, negative people bring negative thoughts and negativity propagate faster than anything, because it’s based on envy, hate etc. I learned to stay away from this things or persons.

Feel free to leave anytime

Calm down ‘girls’ it’s only a thread!

So I would like to see the answer to this very valid question.

Yes, I have a bit of knowledge about systems and strategies - but I don’t think I know everything… and yes I have been completely through babypips school (it was great) but this subject was not covered there.

So is there someone out there with a small enough ego to actual take five minutes and answer this one?

Thanks in advance.

I think I can help here :slight_smile:

This setup is for MT4, so if one is using another platform, you may not be able to.

The 8%R is the “Williams Percent Range” indicator. Add it to your chart and it will open a separate window. The parameters for it are a period of 8, (and add levels of 80 & 20 if they’re not defaulted).

Then drag & drop the “RSI” (Relative Strength Index) indictor to the Williams Percent indictor window so that it overlays it (not in it’s own window). The RSI period is changed to 13 (14 is default).

Conversley you could have an RSI window open and drag n drop the %R indicator into it …doesn’t matter as long as the two indicators are in the same window.

Take a look at PIPology’s chart attachments and it should help visually. He also has a MACD in a separate window too.

I think that’s about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I appricate your assitance.

I am not using MT4, so I am unable to place the %R indicator in the RSI window. However, is apprears to me that the %R indicator values are still being generated off the price action and not the RSI - is this correct? Or does overlaying the indicators cause one to be basis of the other?

So, my approach to FX is to program “strategies” and then let them run on their own. Sometimes works, sometimes does not.

Anyway, to do so with the strategy suggested here I need a few more specific details.

  1. What parameters are you using for your Regression channels?
  2. When you metion the candle must be “above/below” the 2 EMAs and the Regression Channel - how specific are you. The entire candle, including the shadows, or just “most” of the body?


I believe they still give their own values as intended. Overlaying them just makes it easier to spot visually when they correlate in some way.

Hello my friends,

Today USD/JPY gave 10 pips, but I was sleeping :slight_smile: so I will be looking for signals on other pairs. USD/JPY like CAD/JPY is a smooth pair sometimes and when it goes in one direction it gives at least 50 pips, but I’m here to spot 1/5 of that movement :smiley:

So, here is the trade that should give another 10 pips for today:

Candles broke the TL and RegChan at 5.30GMT so who was awake solved the “problem”.
It happened at 7.30GMT and it took 25 minutes to reach target. Pretty good.

More movements are announced because EUR/USD and GBP/USD already formed a divergence on MACD.

Good day.

PS: At 8.00 GMT GBP/JPY gave a good signal also and 10 pips would have been made, but I let you find it :slight_smile:

Can someone post template for MT4 please?

Sweetpip, I feel like a fool but how do you over lap indicators.I wasn’t even aware you could do this till I read this thread.I don’t seem to be able to drag anything…yourhelp would be apprciated,thanks,…goodtrading

If you can’t build such a simple chart you will never learn. You can’t take everything ready-made. Learn to build and you will build your own strategies in the future.

[B]jlmac27[/B]: not all indicators can overlap because not all indicators have the same vertical scale. RSI and Williams%R work on the same scale (difference is one is from 0 to 100 and other from -100 to -0 :slight_smile: ) Just click on the left side of MT4 on Navigator window, on Williams%R and drag it in RSI window.

Maybe this will be a good suggestion for Babypips administrators to introduce Indicators Overlapping method :smiley:

See you Monday morning, I usually don’t trade Friday and Sunday.

Hi jlmac27, are you using MT4?

yes I am sweetpip:)