100% in a year possibility?

For those who have been trading for over 4years with a strict trading plan and tight risk management of zero point to 2% I want to see the future a little bit and I need your help with this question. Have you made 100% in 12months during the course of your trading career?

Why do you need help?

This is a odd question as really depends on your starting point, ie if starting with ÂŁ1000 you can do a 100% return as the mind game allows you to cope with the risk and the emotions as the money involved is not that much when broken down to a day , however if the account is at ÂŁ50,000 + then it is much harder, as to turn 50k to 100k is a challenge within 1 year. Not saying it cannot be done as anything is possible but realistically 25 to 40% return under 100k is more achievable and the percentages reduce as the account grows.

These figures are on the high side an assuming the planets have lined up and you are super good at controlling loss.


I have plans of being a fund manager in the future and I’m still testing a system that could give me profit in the long run so that when I start handling funds using the system I will be confident doing so. For the term of agreement and other agreement involved in fund management, I thought it critical to have an idea of how feasible 100% in 12months would be.

Its OK if you don’t want to answer my question sincerely, you could just say you’d rather not answer. But your “plans of being a fund manager in the future” and making 100% a year with this system of yours that remains under test isn’t going to be taken seriously by anyone.

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It is your duty to tell me if it is feasible or not. I answered your initial question sincerely and I didn’t say I have a system/working on a system that makes 100% a year. I just wanted to know its feasibility from people who have been trading for years.

I’m sorry, your post was so bizarre I was sure you were avoiding answering.

Well, good luck.

But he answered, meaning he understood. I already got what I wanted from this, thanks.

Thanks @Lang15

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If wanting to be a fund manager , I would be dialling down the gains as the pot is larger and also not your money and people expect results for the fees they pay. If controlling 1 million and return 12% your clients get 10% and you get 2% as a management fee , everyone happy. Go for higher return and lose the stress is massive.

Before managing a fund you would need a high level track record with verified results over a long period. Hope it works for you but research as dealing with other peoples money is not a walk in the park. Is it not easier to generate your own income as the stress is far less





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Is it possible? Yes, absolutely. But for most, no. It’s an unrealistic goal for most. And that’s not to be harsh; for we all know the statistic about how “95% of traders fail”. or whatever % it is at the time.

Maybe if you had a $10,000,000 account, it wouldn’t be needed to make a sizable return… or even $1,000,000. If you could do 1% a month on a $1,000,000 account, you’d be making nearly double the USA median income.

I’ll tell you this. 3 years ago, I was a newbie doing the babypips course. I sucked at the start, like most do. But I worked. And worked. And worked.

Last month, I made over 49% on my personal account (and there wasn’t some measly amount in there), risking no more than 3% per trade (blasphemous to some, such an enormous amount). With minimal screen time, because I’m a swinger. I plan to have similar numbers this month.

So to answer your question - yes, it’s possible. But are you willing to put forth the effort to not trade with the same BS, recycled, regurgutated indicators and information that most spew? That most “educators” promote? The youtube and instagram guys?

There’s a 95% chance (or so) you won’t.


Good point. What most traders won’t tell is when they lose.

Yes I have made 100% on my account. But in 2018 I lost 33%. Those percentages are for the year. A losing year is very devastating however it was the year the markets reacted everytime Tump tweeted.

At least now the markets are use to Trump and not so volatile.




Thank you, really appreciate @ItsJoeyTheTrader

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Thank you once again @Lang15

Yes, it is possible! Especially small accounts! I doubled 2k in 2weeks but then I got attracted by Tesla and other new things… and I lost 1.5k in the Following 2 weeks…

As someone said… if you risk big you can win or lose big.

But I am planning to risk smaller when the account will grow big :smiley:

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If you can average 0.5% per day that will give you 6% a month even if you trade only 3 days a week, that is if you are a day trader. If you are a swing trader then number of trading days per week is irrelevant.

0.5% per day will fetch you a minimum of 6% per month. Compound that monthly and you will have doubled your account in a year. This can easily be achieved with 1% risk per trade.

Compute your daily average and you can answer this question for yourself.


Very easy to make 100% a yr.

I honestly think you should be pushing for 300% plus, remember though these aren’t exceptional retiurns when you take into consideration the leverage available.


There is only one reason why large fund managers have lower returns, and that’s because when they trade such size that start to move markets.

A paultry million isn’t going to move anything in FX, the only problem I see for such an amount is psychological

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Good luck with that!!!